This site is for the Iliff family in real life. To reach Mark’s work persona go to Talespinner

will launch eventually. Meanwhile…

Marion Dixon William Dixon The Skipper Pauline Iliff George Iliff Tony Dixon Barbara Dixon Jo Janes Jack Janes Rosemary Iliff Joan Taggart Tommy Taggart Maisie Maze Frank Maze Evelyn King Noel King Dorothy Collard Douglas Collard Laurie King Brian Maze Francis King Joan Maze Clare Claydon Mark Iliff Naomi King John Taggart Jeremy King Michael Taggart Jane-Marie Harrison Julian King Michael Dixon Sandra King Julia Janes Georgina Gallagher John Janes Annabel Burn Sarah Dixon Johanna Janes Zoë Elkaim Gabriel Elkaim Nathan King Isabel King Catherine King Alan Claydon Win Westerhoff Katrina King Paul Harrison Rob Nicholls Andrew Gordon Fergus Gallagher Alan Burn Lucy Evelyn Peter King Ben Claydon Kate Claydon Sally King-Sheard Martin King-Sheard Eve Claydon Beatrice King Henry King Vanessa Kilekas Alex Kilekas Nicholas Harrison Joy Iliff Paul King Joanna Harrison Felix Iliff Elaine King Ben Gordon Annabel Gordon Ryan Gallagher Ben Gallagher Oscar King-Sheard Molly King-Sheard Sam Claydon Thomas Claydon and certainly more… drop me a line if you’d like me to add somebody

family phrasebook

Taking a rest - keeps getting vandalised

Angel of the North

iliff family photos

Photos have now moved to
Flickr (the service is now quicker, simpler & cheaper than running my own albums).

The band


This way for clog dancing and ceilidh tunes (MIDIs & scores) that I play with some good friends...

Books of stamps - 12 first class & 12 second class

postage composer

You know the problem. You need to send a package. The postage is 1.09. You have books of 1st and 2nd class stamps. What's the least wasteful way of arriving at the total?

Get the answer here

Useful? Suggestions? Let me know.

Pre-Trafalgar animation


Baubles. No bangles. No beads.
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