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as at 19/06/2021

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Blue star
09/01: tweaked; 27/12: fettled; 20/12: added

G 31/03/2020
Carthy's lemon
Carthy's march | The lemon tree
m 30/09/2017
Eight days a week

g 09/09/2017
Father Ted theme

g 21/09/2017
Frightened city

g 05/09/2017
If I fell

g 05/09/2017
London kid
to become London suite
London kid
Baker street & Waterloo sunset to add
g 05/09/2017
Man of mystery

g 21/09/2017
Mozart forte
26/07: new
Mozart forte
g 26/07/2018
Sierra delta charlie
Staines morris | Dam busters | The galop ("can-can")
g 24/10/2017
21/07: new
g 21/07/2018
Wall of death

g 08/09/2017
Chattanooga choo choo

g 10/09/2017
Dance on

g 12/09/2017
Dill pickles rag

m 19/09/2017
Flyder and the spy

g 15/09/2017

g 13/09/2017
Horse's bransle | Bear dance
g 15/09/2017
I want to hold your hand

g 25/09/2017
Night before
The night before
g 22/09/2017
Pterodactyl twostep

m 19/09/2017
Theme for young lovers

g 22/09/2017
You've got to hide your love away

g 05/09/2017
And I love her

g 15/09/2017

g 22/09/2017
Fiery python
Fiery clockface | Liberty bell
g 23/09/2017
Hard day's night

g 16/09/2017
Peace pipe

g 23/09/2017

g 25/09/2017
MP3: slides & bends a bit shonky

g 09/09/2017
Auntie's jigs
Lillibulero | Barwick green
m 19/09/2017
Bernie Lind
Uncle Bernard's | Jenny Lind
m 24/09/2017
Bond theme

g 05/09/2017

g 15/09/2017
Foot tapper

g 28/09/2017
French ambassador, The

m 05/09/2017
Make me smile
Make me smile (come up and see me)
g 25/09/2017
Pinball wizard

g 05/09/2017
Rise and fall of Flingel Bunt

g 02/10/2017

g 05/09/2017
Spaghetti suite
Sixty seconds to what? | For a few dollars more | The good, the bad and the ugly
g 04/10/2017

g 01/10/2017
Walk don't boogie 24x7
Walk don't run | Yes sir, I can boogie | Rock around the clock
g 02/10/2017

g 30/09/2017
Wicked game

g 10/10/2017
Windy Jess
Jessica | The wind that shakes the barley
g 03/10/2017
Wonderful land

g 01/10/2017
You're wondering now
Theme from Death in Paradise (BBC)

g 08/02/2021

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