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Mark's objets

Upsticks, downsticks on YouTube

upsticks, downsticks

Merit award - Hampshire Music ServiceMy arrangement of the Upstairs, Downstairs theme for BBC Radio 4's PM programme - broadcast during the week of 5 October 2009 - on YouTube

My channel on YouTube

other videos

My other videos, mostly to do with clog & morris dancing

We all live in a pla-ey-ace
That's really quite ni-ey-ice
The queen's got a big ma-ey-ace
And we're mainly free from li-ey-ice

The sea goes round the co-aoa-oast
Touching every single bi-iyiy-it
I need some yummy to-aoa-oast
Before finishing this so-aoa-ong

sceptered isle

Shakespeare's "this sceptred isle" speech (Richard II)
as a song in the style of Chris Leslie
of Fairport Convention

Pre-Trafalgar animation

pre-Trafalgar animation

Dawn on 19 October 1805 revealed to Nelson's frigates that the French & Spanish Combined Fleet was preparing to leave Cadiz. Two days of manoeuvring followed before the fleets met off Cape Trafalgar. This animated GIF tells the story hour by hour. 

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