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surprising geography

Australia is wider than the Moon Australia width: ≈4,000 km
Moon diameter: 3,746 km
The Atlantic entrance to the Panama Canal is west of the Pacific entrance Atlantic entrance: 79·92W
Pacific entrance: 79·56W
The north of Antarctica is closer to the equator than Reykjavik is North tip Antarctic Peninsula: 63·2S
Reykjavik, Iceland: 64·1N
Bordeaux is north of Toronto Bordeaux, France: 44·9N
Toronto, Canada: 43·8N
Anchorage is closer to Reykjavik than to Atlanta, and closer to Tokyo than to Halifax Anchorage, Alaska, USA ⇌ :
Reykjavik, Iceland: 5,442 km
Atlanta, Georgia, USA: 5,484 km
Tokyo, Japan: 5,575 km
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada: 5,617 km
Edinburgh is west of Cardiff Edinburgh, Scotland: 3·19W
Cardiff, Wales: 3·17W
Cape Town is closer to Perth than to New Delhi Cape Town, South Africa ⇌ :
Perth, Australia: 8,723 km
New Delhi, India: 9,287 km
Crete is south of Algiers Heraklion, Crete, Greece: 35·3N
Algiers, Algeria: 36·7N
Marseille is east of Bergen Marseille, France: 5·37E
Bergen, Norway: 5·33E
The nearest railway station to Shetland is in Norway Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland ⇌ :
Wick or Thurso (nearest stations in Scotland): 220 km
Bergen, Norway: 200 km
South America is east of Tampa Western extreme of continental South America: 81·2W
Tampa, Florida, USA: 82·5W
Oslo is closer to Paris than to the northern tip of Norway Oslo, Norway ⇌ :
Paris, France: 1,344 km
North Cape, Norway: 1,422 km
Hawaii is south of Cuba Honolulu, Hawaii: 21·3N
Havana, Cuba: 23·1N
The most northerly, easterly & westerly points in the USA are all in the same state Point Barrow AK: 71·4N
Semisopochnoi Island AK: 179·6E
Tanaga Island AK: 177·9W
Greenland extends beyond Iceland in all four directions
c/o Andy the Viking
Limits N | E | S | W:
Greenland: 83·7N|11·3W|60·1N|73·1W
Iceland: 67·1N|13·6W|63·3N|24·5W