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Collector is the person thought to have brought a word or phrase into the family, possibly but not necessarily by coining it.

short name full name former name(s) affinity born died updated
AlAlan Burnspouse of Bel05/07/2021
AoifeAoife HealiffHealyspouse of Joy198712/03/2021
Arthur familyElspeth’s family growing up18/04/2022
Aunt DDorothy Collardmaternal aunt of Naomi04/02/2022
BelAnnabel BurnIliffsibling of Mark196220/02/2021
BennoBen Claydonoffspring of Clare30/03/2021
Benno’s familyBenno, Thomas & SamBenno & his sons21/01/2024
BrianBrian Mazeoffspring of Aunty Maisie & Uncle Frank31/12/2021
CarmenCarmen Giminezfriend of Iliff family; former au pair26/02/2021
ClareWesterhoffKing, Claydonsibling of Naomi10/02/2022
Clayhoffs (aka Westerdons)Clare, Win & their family27/02/2022
DadGeorge Ilifffather of Mark, JM, G & Bel1911199427/04/2021
Dixon familyGranny, Pop, Mum, Aunty Jo & Uncle Tony12/05/2021
EvelynEvelyn KingJoyce Collardmother of Naomi, Francis, Clare & Jeremy04/03/2022
FelixFelix Iliffoffspring of owners198920/02/2021
FrancisFrancis Kingsibling of Naomi19/03/2021
GGeorgina GallagherIliff, Nicholssibling of Mark1960200420/02/2021
G & AG & Bel08/01/2022
GarethGareth Hughespartner of Joy and Aoife198812/03/2021
Granny CollardMargaret Collardmother of Evelyn12/07/2022
Granny DixonMarion DixonHowesmother of Mum, spouse of Pop197312/07/2022
Healiff clanJoy, Aoife, Garethresidents of Stone Street; Joy’s family12/03/2021
HealiffsJoy & Aoife18/08/2023
HerryHereward Kingoffspring of Bill King, nephew of Pa21/08/2023
Iliff familyMark’s family growing up28/02/2021
JeremyJeremy Kingsibling of Naomi, Clare & Francis01/03/2022
JMJane-Marie HarrisonIliffsibling of Mark195520/02/2021
JoannaJoanna Harrison-BouwerHarrisonoffspring of JM & Paul25/03/2021
John TJohn Taggartcousin of Mark; offspring of Uncle Tommy30/03/2021
JoyJoy Healiff Iliffoffspring of owners198620/02/2021
King familyNaomi’s family growing up28/02/2021
LaurieLaurie KingRichardsonspouse of Pa23/04/2021
LyraLyra Harrison-Bouwer(?)offspring of Joanna & John John25/03/2021
M & NMark & Naomi07/03/2021
MarkMark Iliffowner195228/02/2021
MartinMartin King-SheardSheardspouse of Sally16/05/2021
MumPauline IliffDixonmother of Mark, JM, G & Bel1926201127/04/2021
NaomiNaomi IliffKingowner195320/02/2021
NathanNathan Kingoffspring of Pa & Laurie29/12/2021
NicholasNicholas Harrisonoffspring of JM & Paul H29/03/2021
PaNoel Kingfather of Naomi1922200920/02/2021
Paul HPaul Harrisonspouse of JM25/03/2021
PopWilliam Dixonfather of Mum, spouse of Granny03/01/2022
RiverbankersMark, Naomi, Joy & Felix03/03/2021
RiverbanklingsJoy and Felix; both offspring of owners12/03/2021
SallySally King-SheardKingoffspring of Francis07/04/2021
SamSam Claydonoffspring of Benno11/02/2024
The SisterhoodJM, G & Bel09/03/2021
The Triskele12/02/2024
Uncle FrankFrank Mazespouse of Dad’s half-sister Maisie03/03/2021
Uncle PercyPercy Howes(?)Granny’s brother(?)13/03/2021
Uncle TommyTommy Taggartspouse of Dad’s sister Joan03/03/2021
Uncle TonyTony DixonMum’s brother201111/03/2021
WinWin Westerhoffspouse of Clare27/02/2022
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