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1-2-3 wash yourself, ducky!excI am throwing a handful of wet sand at youThe Sisterhood09 Mar ’2109/03/2021 00:10:43
14155nIliffM & N16 Apr ’2116/04/2021 14:31:1701 Apr01/04/2022 13:13:47
81expResponse to “night-night!”Francis19 Mar ’2119/03/2021 22:30:3908 Jan08/01/2022 16:24:26
a boy is a boy…expA callback to the proverb: A boy is a boy; two boys are half a boy; three boys are no boy at all …a commentary on the productivity of boys hired to do work, when child labour was considered acceptablePa16 May ’2116/05/2021 23:37:3209 Mar09/03/2022 22:25:17
a chill wind in the TrossachsexpThe sensation of wearing a kilt¹ on a cold dayM & N10 Mar10/03/2022 18:03:24
a crow, lettingexpI am pressing lightly on your head with the fingernails of one hand, and am claiming that a crow has settled there in case you should think that I am pressing lightly on your head with the fingernails of one handGranny D12 Mar ’2112/03/2021 15:02:1812 Mar ’2112/03/2021 21:14:17
a day late and a dollar shortadjApplies to work that is both late and substandardMark09 Mar09/03/2022 15:13:35
a kangaroo loose in the top paddickadjNot wholly in command of eventsClare27 May ’2127/05/2021 14:19:3018 Mar18/03/2022 00:59:05
a light to lighten the genitalsexpGraffito seen in the gentlemen’s convenience of The Perch inn, Oxford, beneath the single lamp over the urinals that lit that gloomy roomMark06 Jul ’2106/07/2021 15:03:27
a peach of a boatexpLiterally: A very nice boat. Intended meaning: A fishing boatMum05 Mar ’2105/03/2021 13:58:0007 Mar ’2107/03/2021 01:07:32
a touch of the don’t-want-to-goesexpReluctance to go somewhereDad19 Mar ’2119/03/2021 15:08:2221 Mar ’2121/03/2021 15:46:57
abratadabraexcAnswer to the question “What’s the magic word?”Nicholas30 Mar ’2130/03/2021 15:21:54
accidentnAn impulse purchaseMark02 Jan02/01/2022 12:58:0308 Jan08/01/2022 01:10:41
AFMnAnger managementMark23 Nov ’2123/11/2021 22:50:42
ah-ahsnPooMum19 Mar ’2119/03/2021 15:16:12
aha, Rasputin, the mad monk, climbing up those Russian steppés!excHere is the rice pudding. All hail the rice puddingPa04 Mar04/03/2022 00:43:42
ahiggit ahuggetexpThat person is taking self-deprecation to extremesPa16 May ’2116/05/2021 23:20:58
alec tricitynElectricityDad25 May ’2125/05/2021 15:47:05
alibabanThe laundry basket at GreenmantleIliff family27 May ’2127/05/2021 14:14:2021 Nov ’2121/11/2021 13:10:26
all of a sudden a big black pudding came floating through the airexcYou are about to be struck during a pillow fightGranny D14 Mar ’2114/03/2021 13:48:1612 Feb12/02/2022 11:12:23
all the way round sir?expLiterally “shall I serve you everything?” Can be used to imply a hint of gluttonyMark06 Nov ’2106/11/2021 12:41:4206 Nov ’2106/11/2021 12:44:45
ambliancenAmbulanceJeremy04 Mar04/03/2022 16:02:41
American seatnA merry conceitPa27 Feb ’2127/02/2021 16:17:3705 Mar ’2105/03/2021 14:21:32
ancestor teanThe weak tea resulting from topping a pot up with hot water a second or subsequent timePa26 May ’2126/05/2021 12:50:46
and hadn’t we the gaeity at Phil the fluter’s ballsongA line that Dad would sing at the most unexpected of timesDad19 Mar19/03/2022 16:12:24
and the band played Believe it if you likeexpI don’t believe itMark19 Mar19/03/2022 15:50:25
another saucer of milk?expGoodness me, that was a catty comment!Mark07 Nov ’2107/11/2021 23:30:13
another saucer of milk?expGoodness, that was a catty [mean, spiteful] comment!Mark30 Mar30/03/2022 01:14:14
anti-cretinousadjAnti-tetanusMark26 May ’2126/05/2021 12:31:56
any more laid back his bum would fall offexpExtremely relaxed, perhaps reprehensibly soMark26 May ’2126/05/2021 12:34:49
are bears Catholic?expYesMark25 Nov ’2125/11/2021 11:38:18
ars binnWing beanClare08 Mar08/03/2022 21:18:25
arsnipnParnsipMark08 Mar08/03/2022 21:02:32
assumptions make an ass of ump and tionsexpAvoid making assumptionsMark25 May ’2125/05/2021 16:11:23
Aunty BrutenNaomi’s name for Aunt DorothyNaomi04 Mar04/03/2022 00:56:5705 Mar05/03/2022 16:10:38
Aunty MarknUncle MarkJoanna25 Mar ’2125/03/2021 12:42:3125 Mar ’2125/03/2021 13:53:04
Australian namingnThe practice of assigning proper names that are unduly literal, such as Great Barrier Reef, Northern Territory, Snowy Mountains, Great Sandy Desert, Great Dividing Range etcMark19 Aug ’2119/08/2021 13:07:5129 Dec ’2129/12/2021 18:51:49
B I tishnA woman considered to be mean, overbearing or contemptibleDad19 Mar19/03/2022 15:14:24
baby abluganBaby belugaJoy04 Sep ’2104/09/2021 13:34:37
bagaloonsnCapacious knickersClare27 Feb ’2127/02/2021 23:58:5930 Mar30/03/2022 00:49:44
Barley-sugar LegsnHis sisters’ pet name for DadDad29 Jan29/01/2022 00:37:56
BasingradnBasingstokeMark23 Apr ’2123/04/2021 23:12:59
basking hickory sticknLavatory bowl floaterMark28 Feb ’2128/02/2021 00:02:0028 Feb ’2128/02/2021 12:29:23
bastardspherenThe inglorious company of spammers, hackers & phishersMark13 May13/05/2022 01:03:46
bat tsch-tschnBathroom cleanerRiverbankers17 Mar ’2117/03/2021 21:01:4621 Mar ’2121/03/2021 22:42:36
bathroom thoughtnA thought, had while using the facilities that exits your mind as you exit the smallest roomAoife12 Mar ’2112/03/2021 15:07:0212 Mar ’2112/03/2021 16:17:11
be told!excDon’t argue!Pop28 Feb ’2128/02/2021 00:11:1902 Mar ’2102/03/2021 16:19:37
bearded mushroomsnBreaded mushroomsM & N27 Jul ’2127/07/2021 21:32:46
beef cutnCrew cutUncle Tony30 Mar30/03/2022 01:19:59
beefa leefanBeef olivesPa02 Mar02/03/2022 23:18:39
BeezlebubnMispronunciation of BeelzebubMark28 Feb ’2128/02/2021 00:06:38
Ben YehudanPa’s nickname for BennoPa09 Mar09/03/2022 22:23:27
bet that’s cooled his biryani down a bitexpHe seems to find that drink refreshingM & N27 May ’2127/05/2021 14:50:45
BetelgwayzaynBetelgeuse (aka α Orionis), red supergiant and 10ᵗʰ brightest star in the skyAoife09 Mar09/03/2022 15:06:25
bezz pawkadjBespokeDad12 May ’2112/05/2021 22:30:38
biddle biddleexpThe ringing sound of a GPO Trimphone, the trendy alternative to the standard issue phoneM & N06 Sep ’2106/09/2021 01:04:1321 Nov ’2121/11/2021 01:27:21
big clocknThing to be covetedGranny D28 Feb ’2128/02/2021 00:12:49
big crispnPoppadomM & N09 Mar09/03/2022 15:22:12
Biggles flies undoneexp1. (Meaningless interjection at any allusion to the fictional character James Bigglesworth, or to any other similarly improbably ept aviator) 2. Your flies are undoneM & N26 May ’2126/05/2021 12:47:10
Bildad the ShuhitenThe shortest man in the christian biblePa18 Apr18/04/2022 00:13:27
bimnBowel movementKing family28 Feb ’2128/02/2021 00:15:3719 Mar19/03/2022 22:42:50
birdy num-numnBird seedM & N11 Jan11/01/2022 15:42:09
BKJadjBright, keen & jollyMum24 Feb ’2124/02/2021 23:20:0524 Feb ’2124/02/2021 23:20:05
black-coated workersnPrunesIliff family11 Aug ’2111/08/2021 00:12:1402 Jan02/01/2022 12:01:01
blick aufexpWake up!Naomi28 Feb ’2128/02/2021 00:20:2502 Jan02/01/2022 12:02:42
blind mulletnSeaborne bolusJohn T30 Mar ’2130/03/2021 15:24:16
bloody great balloonsexpCallback to the desperate cry of a vendor of oversized balloons outside Madame Tussauds on a chilly spring day: “Balloons! Balloons! Bloody great balloons!”M & N18 Apr18/04/2022 00:28:20
blopnLike blob, but ploppierNaomi13 Apr ’2113/04/2021 13:07:14
BO-ernDeodorantKing family27 Jul ’2127/07/2021 21:27:3012 Feb12/02/2022 13:02:31
Bob CoxnThe physicist Brian CoxNaomi17 Sep ’2117/09/2021 21:54:05
bobaligoonBoat fenderNaomi28 Feb ’2128/02/2021 00:23:2714 Feb14/02/2022 11:13:14
Bob’s your parent’s siblingexpIt’s as easy as thatRiverbankers11 Feb11/02/2022 12:03:44
body coddlernSleeveless coat, or giletMark20 Mar ’2120/03/2021 16:07:1705 Dec ’2105/12/2021 15:37:50
bognDogJoy12 Mar ’2112/03/2021 15:15:0412 Mar ’2112/03/2021 16:10:39
bogfloshernDrain unblockerMark25 May ’2125/05/2021 21:54:43
bogpaper musicnHomogenised soulless featureless maundering lift music – tear off amount requiredMark19 Mar ’2119/03/2021 15:25:4319 Mar ’2119/03/2021 15:26:35
bogpaper musicnMusic so bland and formless that you can tear off any length you wantMark13 Apr13/04/2022 01:16:33
bonbon ching gum caramel!exp(No real meaning – just a bonding cry)Bel06 Nov ’2106/11/2021 12:50:0424 Dec ’2124/12/2021 11:36:06
bongnPerson defined by their location, role or relationshipNaomi28 Feb ’2128/02/2021 14:50:4703 Mar ’2103/03/2021 13:59:37
boom and scrunchnThe parlour game zoom and screechMark22 Mar ’2122/03/2021 23:42:10
Boom-holénFictional planetM & N27 Jul ’2127/07/2021 21:35:28
bouncealinenTrampolineLyra30 Mar ’2130/03/2021 15:26:04
breathe in, it’s good for youexpPlease cease complaining about this stinky farmyardGranny D26 Feb ’2126/02/2021 15:49:30
brown katiesnBronchitisDad25 May ’2125/05/2021 15:47:45
bruntyadjBrunetteJoy30 Mar ’2130/03/2021 21:12:54
bug rakenHair combBel16 Mar ’2116/03/2021 14:51:1828 Feb28/02/2022 16:11:36
bum in the airadjHard at workWin27 Feb27/02/2022 14:27:28
bum of the flightle beeexpFlight of the bumblebee, the Rimsky-Korsakov orchestral pieceDad22 Feb ’2122/02/2021 21:57:2427 Feb ’2127/02/2021 16:00:20
bumbag aloonBombay alooPaul H25 Mar ’2125/03/2021 13:57:13
bumhugnHumbug (the hard minty sweet)Mark24 Mar ’2124/03/2021 15:51:3831 Mar31/03/2022 01:43:46
bumnutsnEggsWin27 Feb27/02/2022 14:17:08
bumpity bollikonCollisionNaomi03 Apr ’2103/04/2021 13:25:20
bumpity-bollikoadjUneven or bumpy (of a road)Naomi07 Apr ’2107/04/2021 21:54:1824 Dec ’2124/12/2021 11:29:59
buttons on a wallexpResponse to “so what?”Mark18 Apr18/04/2022 00:18:52
can’t get his tongue round his RsadjHas difficulty saying the letter RMum31 Oct ’2131/10/2021 23:45:08
case case caseexpIn any caseBel02 Mar ’2102/03/2021 00:42:14
cash’n’flashnPay-and-display car parkMark03 Mar ’2103/03/2021 13:57:0302 Jan02/01/2022 12:52:34
cast nasturtiumsexpCast aspersionsKing family02 Feb02/02/2022 00:41:4102 Feb02/02/2022 10:50:58
castratedadjDecaffeinated (of coffee or tea)Pa20 Mar ’2120/03/2021 21:06:3412 May ’2112/05/2021 21:51:24
chained to the oar of a magnificent galleyexpYour humble labours in pursuit of a noble objective do not go unnoticedPa16 May ’2116/05/2021 23:24:41
charge like a wounded bullvCharge exorbitantlyMark02 Mar ’2102/03/2021 00:33:2219 Mar19/03/2022 22:58:06
chilli gone barmynChilli con carneKing family27 Jul ’2127/07/2021 21:31:18
chocolate boardnThe rear boarding platform of a bus, specifically of the AEC Regent ThreeMark21 Nov ’2121/11/2021 14:18:3105 Dec ’2105/12/2021 12:41:57
chutneynLightningSally07 Apr ’2107/04/2021 21:44:5808 Apr ’2108/04/2021 09:33:19
Cla’amnGentrified pronunciation of the London district ClaphamBrian25 May ’2125/05/2021 15:27:27
clever people like me who talk loudly in restaurantsexpExpression of disapproval of people who talk loudly in restaurantsM & N11 Aug ’2111/08/2021 00:28:35
clickagenGroceries purchased via a click-and-collect arrangementM & N07 Feb07/02/2022 14:57:16
clootienLeft-handed personDad05 Mar ’2105/03/2021 14:11:47
cockpit apenOne who drives with an arm resting along the door, in the manner of Clarkson J and Johnson BMark28 Jul ’2128/07/2021 18:47:4529 Jul ’2129/07/2021 11:46:04
code yellowexpA pee, or going for a pee, or in need of a peeM & N25 May ’2125/05/2021 15:32:2710 Aug ’2110/08/2021 23:34:31
coffinatedadjSold in a sealed punnet (of food)M & N27 Jul ’2127/07/2021 21:22:25
collapsizevCapsizeG04 Mar04/03/2022 15:22:56
Columbo bladdernThe condition, familiar to some older gentlemen, that causes the bladder to suggest one last squirt after the micturiter has shut up shop, washed hands and headed for the doorMark25 May ’2125/05/2021 15:23:4628 Jan28/01/2022 16:44:01
combine hoovernCombine harvesterIliff family11 Mar ’2111/03/2021 23:37:25
come to the cookhouse door, boys!songThe meal is readyKing family27 May ’2127/05/2021 14:43:5205 Mar05/03/2022 21:55:21
contribute!excYour participation in the conversation must increaseMum10 Feb10/02/2022 15:21:55
contrived delights of LAnLos Angeles’s theme parksM & N03 Mar ’2103/03/2021 23:39:17
cooking fat!excBy jove, that cat is annoying meJoy02 Mar ’2102/03/2021 13:30:4728 Jan28/01/2022 20:48:20
Coorg’snThe American beer Coor’sPa25 May ’2125/05/2021 15:38:45
Cornish nastyn1) A poorly made Cornish pasty. 2) A Cornish pasty …depending on your point of viewMark23 Mar ’2123/03/2021 22:57:27
couldn’t organise a black puddingadjScatty, disorganised, bumblingGranny D03 Mar ’2103/03/2021 23:44:22
cover it over quick, Jemima!songYou are displaying a little more flesh than you might wishMum08 Mar ’2108/03/2021 14:13:3105 Mar05/03/2022 21:56:07
crank teanHerbal infusionMark20 Apr ’2120/04/2021 23:33:44
cronky donkeynDecrepit railway train, especially an old DMUMark06 Mar ’2106/03/2021 15:06:3006 Mar ’2106/03/2021 15:07:11
crop dustingvLetting a fart whilst in motion, particularly indoorsBenno27 Feb27/02/2022 15:01:27
crunchy platenPoppadomRiverbankers05 Feb05/02/2022 21:36:44
cuddly tick birdnHand-crafted birthday present for Naomi comprising a long white-bodied, yellow beaked, soft and cuddle-able tick bird, with appallingly prickly feet fashioned out of wire covered in sticky black insulating tapeKing family01 Mar01/03/2022 16:09:3001 Mar01/03/2022 20:05:49
cunkspanglenPerson of small wit and smaller mannersMark18 Mar18/03/2022 00:31:2118 Mar18/03/2022 16:28:04
cunsternoon afterbleexpGood afternoon, constableMark04 Sep ’2104/09/2021 13:31:45
curtains generationnThose who grew up when mental illness was shameful and the only treatment was “pull yourself together”Mark31 Oct ’2131/10/2021 23:38:2731 Oct ’2131/10/2021 23:39:48
da hoover’s brokeexpI’ve broken something and it’s your faultRiverbankers12 Feb12/02/2022 11:01:42
daddy socksnA technique of putting on a sock whereby the heel is pulled up through the leg so that the sole can be placed over the footJoy30 Mar ’2130/03/2021 00:04:55
dance of the bogbrush fairiesnDance of the sugar plum fairies from Tchaikovsky’s 1892 ballet The NutcrackerNaomi01 Mar01/03/2022 15:18:37
danglewaynLondon’s Meridian Skyway cable car system (later known as Emirates Air Line¹) that crosses the Thames near the Millennium Dome (later known as O₂ Arena). By extension, any such cable car systemM & N05 Mar05/03/2022 16:06:51
de petits poisnTwo small pears… if your French is as bad as Mark’s wasMark10 Apr ’2110/04/2021 13:32:3911 Apr ’2111/04/2021 11:41:18
dead, and never called me motherexpGeneral purpose acknowledgement of a tragic circumstanceNaomi25 May ’2125/05/2021 21:48:07
Déjà VunCitroën Deux Chevaux (2CV)M & N13 Mar ’2113/03/2021 16:22:40
delusions of adequacynThe mindset of someone attempting to outperform their competenceMark05 Feb05/02/2022 15:26:2209 Feb09/02/2022 10:10:56
Depeche ModenThe retailer DecathlonNaomi06 Jul ’2106/07/2021 14:48:21
der dee twiddly, dee twiddly, dee botty-cracksexpWe have reached the end of this book/film/TV seriesNaomi12 Mar ’2112/03/2021 15:24:1512 Mar ’2112/03/2021 16:11:14
dere ’tis!excAfter many hours’ travel towards the seaside, there at last is the actual sea!G19 Mar ’2119/03/2021 15:45:3219 Mar ’2119/03/2021 22:49:59
desecrated coconutnDessicated coconutNaomi29 Jul ’2129/07/2021 12:20:48
diddle diddle dumpling, mice and JohnsongDiddle diddle dumpling, my son John …the nursery rhymeG26 May ’2126/05/2021 12:22:1205 Mar05/03/2022 21:57:17
didn’t want it ANYway!expSaid when irreversibly deprived of something, particularly if through one’s own actionsJeremy01 Mar01/03/2022 16:12:3701 Mar01/03/2022 16:17:25
disgusterousadjDisgustingRiverbankers21 Mar ’2121/03/2021 22:24:47
do a ThomasvRace out to the loo in the middle of a meal to make room for more foodClayhoffs (aka Westerdons)08 Mar08/03/2022 21:14:17
do I have to eat the beak?exp(No real meaning – just a bonding cry)M & N06 Nov ’2106/11/2021 12:55:06
do it self!excI firmly decline your offer of helpJM04 Mar ’2104/03/2021 12:35:0304 Mar ’2104/03/2021 12:35:45
do not the gateexpDon’t obstruct the gateMark23 Nov ’2123/11/2021 22:56:41
do you want me to write a letter?expMum’s response to an offspring complaining about unfairness or strife at school, and later at workMum07 Nov ’2107/11/2021 23:14:01
don fly!excBe gone, flying insect!Mark21 Mar ’2121/03/2021 14:40:12
donkeysnThe key of D majorRiverbankers02 Mar02/03/2022 22:51:3502 Mar02/03/2022 23:08:06
don’t bandy legs with meexpDon’t quibbleRiverbankers06 Mar06/03/2022 23:35:59
dotsnA musical scoreMark10 Mar10/03/2022 18:15:34
downside upadjUpside downDad05 Feb05/02/2022 15:30:37
drafty draftnPrecursor to a draft (of documents)Mark29 Jul ’2129/07/2021 11:49:43
dry as a Nullarbor rabbitadjThirstyWin27 Feb27/02/2022 14:43:2628 Feb28/02/2022 14:50:10
dudunInsect or bugKing family21 Mar ’2121/03/2021 14:41:59
dudu makinInsect repellentClare04 Mar04/03/2022 16:25:12
dumsey-whumnutsadjRough, uneven, pitted (of roads)Mark24 Feb ’2124/02/2021 23:25:0807 Apr ’2107/04/2021 21:54:45
dunny divernPlumberWin27 Feb27/02/2022 14:45:56
dusty endnThe part of a violin’s fingerboard closer to the bridge than first position, where non-classical players rarely ventureMark04 Sep ’2104/09/2021 13:00:19
E-Type puntnCamping puntM & N03 Mar03/03/2022 14:11:02
East HamadjMadM & N21 Mar21/03/2022 00:50:21
EBIadjEven better if…Mark03 Mar03/03/2022 14:00:06
ecilopnPoliceMark01 Mar01/03/2022 15:01:3201 Mar01/03/2022 15:07:18
effluentnElephantRiverbankers05 Feb05/02/2022 21:41:46
eh wallahexpAppears equivalent to “and there you have it”Mark21 Nov ’2121/11/2021 13:59:4621 Nov ’2121/11/2021 14:23:24
elderfloshnElderflower cordialNaomi19 Mar ’2119/03/2021 15:17:39
elephant papernKitchen rollIliff family03 Mar ’2103/03/2021 15:08:2726 Jan26/01/2022 11:21:26
elshnElephant dungKing family08 Mar ’2108/03/2021 14:03:0501 Mar01/03/2022 16:04:28
emPHAHsis on the wrong syllAHbleexpEmphasis on the wrong syllableNaomi04 Mar04/03/2022 15:30:33
empty sugar bagsexpWhat couples actually say when they whisper sweet nothingsNaomi27 May ’2127/05/2021 14:53:12
encambulanAmbulanceMark30 Mar ’2130/03/2021 00:10:2901 Mar01/03/2022 15:02:14
envelotenEnvelopeJoy30 Mar ’2130/03/2021 21:08:3430 Mar ’2130/03/2021 21:11:35
epoophanynA paradigm-shifting thought, reached while sitting upon the throneGareth12 Mar ’2112/03/2021 15:12:4412 Mar ’2112/03/2021 16:16:40
extinguishedadjDistinguishedKing family25 Mar ’2125/03/2021 17:07:2125 Mar ’2125/03/2021 17:08:46
FabrézénThe stench suppressant FabrezeM & N08 Mar08/03/2022 20:34:36
Fairy NuffexpFair enoughM & N06 Mar06/03/2022 23:23:22
fall over blackwardsexpPositive discrimination taken to extremesPa16 May ’2116/05/2021 23:26:09
fart young smellernSmart young fellerDad05 Mar ’2105/03/2021 14:13:33
fartidoodalusnOne who messes around, or exhibits lack of focus and determinationGranny D27 Jul ’2127/07/2021 21:29:20
FHBexpFamily Hold Back, a reminder at parties to let guests have a good crack at the nosh before piling inMum21 Nov ’2121/11/2021 01:12:02
fiat lux, a remark attributed to GodexpLet there be lightMark12 Mar ’2112/03/2021 18:06:59
FiddlywaxeyenImaginary third person when sharing something out between two people – the person counting out ends up with ⅔ and their good-natured companion with ⅓Granny D11 Mar ’2111/03/2021 23:44:11
fin de saisonadjUnwelcoming, with many facilities closedMum13 May13/05/2022 01:21:10
fire eng trucknFire engineBenno30 Mar ’2130/03/2021 21:06:35
flaming brandinisnGame that involves pouring flaming brandy over a bowl of raisins and eating them while they’re still burningBel04 May04/05/2022 00:22:1604 May04/05/2022 14:19:19
flappy meatsnCooked meats, charcuterie, cold cutsM & N04 Mar04/03/2022 15:21:23
flappy platenFlour tortillaMark20 Mar ’2120/03/2021 21:09:29
flappyfishogramnEchocardiogram, an ultrasound scan of the heartRiverbankers29 Jul ’2129/07/2021 12:17:49
flat out, like a lizard drinking.adjFlat outWin27 Feb27/02/2022 14:41:2727 Feb27/02/2022 14:43:57
flatuspherenThe hazard zone of a flatusMark06 Mar ’2106/03/2021 15:01:23
flea rakenHair combWin28 Feb28/02/2022 16:10:3428 Feb28/02/2022 16:11:54
flippin’ ugadjUnprepossessingMark11 Jan11/01/2022 15:50:44
flopsam & jepsamnFlotsam & jetsamUncle Tony03 Mar ’2103/03/2021 23:56:08
floshnWith qualifier: fizzy liquid. Without qualifier: elderflosh (qv)Naomi19 Mar ’2119/03/2021 15:19:28
flutterbynButterflyDad11 Mar ’2111/03/2021 23:35:3819 Mar19/03/2022 22:44:20
fly squatternFly swatterWin27 Feb27/02/2022 14:12:46
fok strongbodyadjPowerful, strong, intenseMark03 Mar ’2103/03/2021 23:52:1906 Mar ’2106/03/2021 14:09:59
for ’ronadjFor later onMark19 Aug ’2119/08/2021 12:46:19
forgetty bowl of naisenSpaghetti bolognaiseNicholas29 Mar ’2129/03/2021 23:54:12
forn prongsnTravel adapters for electrical plugsMark04 Mar ’2104/03/2021 12:36:39
foul infidel! Know you have trod on the toe of Abul Abulbul Amir!songYou have trodden on my footPa09 Mar09/03/2022 16:01:3609 Mar09/03/2022 16:03:57
fox’s pussnFaux pasMark12 Mar ’2112/03/2021 18:09:1212 Mar ’2112/03/2021 18:11:30
fraggleflopsnA particular kind of shoe, with very little potential as a weapon, issued to prison inmatesNaomi25 May ’2125/05/2021 21:44:5205 Feb05/02/2022 21:32:37
fundo-cubital dislocianThe condition of being unable to distinguish between one’s arse and one’s elbowMark25 May ’2125/05/2021 21:32:55
fusterclucknA mess resulting from several mistakes compounding each otherMark11 Mar ’2111/03/2021 23:34:23
garnsed upadj1) In a tangle. 2) Badly soiledIliff family04 Mar ’2104/03/2021 12:30:4910 Mar ’2110/03/2021 21:31:00
gashadjBroken. Can also, in the same general sense, be a noun meaning rubbishMark07 Nov ’2107/11/2021 23:25:37
gee what great looking kids – are they adopted?expIntended meaning: Your kids are a lot blonder than you twoM & N30 Mar ’2130/03/2021 21:20:51
generation JnBaby boomers, those of us who grew up with affordable housing, generous pensions and free universityMark31 Oct ’2131/10/2021 23:36:05
get aht t’road ye silly beggar!excCease obstructing my passage!Granny D27 May ’2127/05/2021 14:22:06
get off and milk it!expI am not very impressed with your vehicleM & N17 Mar ’2117/03/2021 21:08:4711 Jan11/01/2022 12:39:36
get off home with you!excYour round of golf is spoiling the view from my windowGranny D08 Mar ’2108/03/2021 15:49:0408 Mar ’2108/03/2021 15:49:18
give every flying moment something to remember it byexpResponse to “I’m bored”Granny D10 Feb10/02/2022 15:17:14
glass cherriesnGlacé cherriesClare27 Feb27/02/2022 14:37:3228 Feb28/02/2022 14:52:29
go commandovPerform a piece of music without referring to the scoreMark18 Apr18/04/2022 00:22:45
go swimming with the childrenvDefecateNaomi18 Apr18/04/2022 00:07:53
Goat Herders’ Guide to the Galaxy (or GHGTTG)nThe christian bibleMark05 Dec ’2105/12/2021 18:23:51
god rest you jerry mentlemensongMischievous variation on God rest you merry, gentlemen from the carol of the same nameIliff family11 Feb11/02/2022 11:50:1205 Mar05/03/2022 21:59:57
Golliwog railwaynThe Festiniog (now Ffestiniog) Railway in N WalesFrancis25 May ’2125/05/2021 15:29:05
good girl, DaddyexpYou have my approval, FatherJM25 Mar ’2125/03/2021 12:37:53
good moaningexpGood morningRiverbankers25 May ’2125/05/2021 15:45:12
goodnditnOne of the good guys in a storyMark29 Jul ’2129/07/2021 12:23:53
goosegognGooseberryIliff family28 Jan28/01/2022 00:08:54
gorillasnThe key of G majorRiverbankers02 Mar02/03/2022 22:53:2802 Mar02/03/2022 23:08:40
grabled exnaplationnGarbled explanation… but garbledMark14 Mar ’2114/03/2021 11:37:55
graunty / grunclenGreat aunty / Great uncleLyra25 Mar ’2125/03/2021 12:41:1725 Mar ’2125/03/2021 13:50:06
Great Aunt PottymouthnNaomiMartin16 May ’2116/05/2021 23:12:52
grouseadjVery goodBenno25 May ’2125/05/2021 15:30:47
gubbynCar sporting a GB plate when seen abroadMum14 Mar ’2114/03/2021 13:44:45
GustonA mystery friendJM19 Aug ’2119/08/2021 12:54:01
haddoncavevParticipate in PE without a jockstrapMark27 Jun ’2127/06/2021 15:54:32
Hairy PuddernThe fictional character Harry PotterMark17 Jan17/01/2022 00:00:5923 Jan23/01/2022 12:40:03
hankerchoofnHandkerchiefJoy03 Feb03/02/2022 15:37:26
hatches, matches and despatchesnThe Births, Marriages & Deaths column of a newspaper, the avid perusal of which becomes the first priority of some when it thuds on the matGranny D10 Mar10/03/2022 18:14:00
haus siknHospitalClare02 Mar02/03/2022 23:12:18
have speaksvDiscussJoy16 Apr ’2116/04/2021 14:37:46
here’s a tanner each to go awayexpMental reaction to carol singers knocking the door. Can be literal or ironic. Would not actually be voicedIliff family11 Aug ’2111/08/2021 00:34:5119 Aug ’2119/08/2021 12:56:21
hey little horsey, don’t you stopsongCall back to the song: Hey little horsey, don’t you stop, Just let your hooves go clicketty clop. Tail go swish, wheels go round Giddy up we’re homeward bound.Pa08 Mar08/03/2022 21:50:02
he’s got that round his neckexpHe has deeply misunderstood and/or perpetrated a severe tangleMark01 Mar01/03/2022 15:10:4101 Mar01/03/2022 15:14:05
hiding behind the door when the brains were handed outadjNot notably astuteM & N06 Jul ’2106/07/2021 14:52:1028 Jan28/01/2022 16:36:53
Higwi KombinHigh WycombeM & N20 Apr ’2120/04/2021 23:35:3820 Apr ’2120/04/2021 23:36:55
His Majesty’s LunchboxnThe retailer Majestic WinesNaomi06 Jul ’2106/07/2021 14:46:29
hoddududuhnHand-powered carpet sweeperRiverbankers04 Sep ’2104/09/2021 12:37:48
hoggry tiglets!excMy, what a satisfying ending!Naomi14 Mar ’2114/03/2021 13:50:32
hogwashing hatnImpromptu sun hat made by drawing up a t-shirt until the neck band sits round the forehead and the remainder covers the neckNaomi03 Mar ’2103/03/2021 23:59:28
hold back my sleeve while I put my finger to my foreheadexpI am trying to bring a forgotten thing to mindPa04 Mar04/03/2022 00:49:3604 Mar04/03/2022 15:37:35
hollow legsadjOne capable of eating large amounts of food while remaining slenderIliff family05 Feb05/02/2022 15:32:02
holly bushnMythical physical laxativeGranny D10 Apr ’2110/04/2021 13:38:49
home again, home again, jiggedy jogsongWe are finally home! Pa would chant it upon arriving home after an outing with Mr BumpPa12 Mar ’2112/03/2021 15:20:1209 Mar09/03/2022 22:18:56
homeopathic vodkanWaterMark27 Jun ’2127/06/2021 16:09:29
honey moneynProceeds of selling honeyClayhoffs (aka Westerdons)28 Feb28/02/2022 16:14:35
honkernGooseJoy22 Feb ’2122/02/2021 01:18:4422 Feb ’2122/02/2021 01:18:44
hoof-heartedexpHas the form of an adjective, but is just a surreptitious way of calling out someone else’s flatulenceGranny D31 Oct ’2131/10/2021 23:52:2631 Oct ’2131/10/2021 23:54:07
hopsitalnHospitalRiverbanklings27 Mar ’2127/03/2021 15:20:3728 Mar ’2128/03/2021 15:07:50
hopt outvOpt outBel04 Mar04/03/2022 15:28:14
Horrible LifenHerbal Life (now Herbalife), the brand of shampoo & similar productsIliff family12 May ’2112/05/2021 22:19:38
horses’s douversnHors d’oeuvresMark19 Mar ’2119/03/2021 15:27:52
hot holdersnOven mittsKing family21 Nov ’2121/11/2021 01:10:2311 Feb11/02/2022 00:49:58
hot will grow cold, if greedy will waitexpIf you had patience then your mouth would not be burning right nowGranny C12 Mar ’2112/03/2021 15:25:4404 Mar04/03/2022 00:19:26
how awdinawy!excDepressingly dull. Disappointingly ordinaryM & N11 Mar ’2111/03/2021 15:47:5111 Mar ’2111/03/2021 15:48:05
how’s your belly off for spots?expHow are youGranny D21 Mar ’2121/03/2021 15:58:4021 Mar ’2121/03/2021 22:15:06
hullabaloonOne given to loud and/or exhibitionist behaviour, especially when boatingM & N31 Oct ’2131/10/2021 23:43:1401 Nov ’2101/11/2021 22:10:11
humididitynHumidityM & N13 Mar ’2113/03/2021 22:42:21
hyper-bowlnHyperboleM & N17 Mar ’2117/03/2021 13:31:21
hypodemic nerdlenHypodermic needleM & N05 Mar ’2105/03/2021 13:47:29
I can walk from hereexpYou have parked rather far from the kerbM & N11 Feb11/02/2022 01:35:50
I ClavdivsnI, Claudius, the book of Robert GravesM & N29 Jul ’2129/07/2021 12:31:07
I don’t boil my cabbages twiceexpI decline to repeat the words to which you failed to give proper attentionGranny D04 Mar ’2104/03/2021 12:38:1224 Dec ’2124/12/2021 11:34:13
I expect nothing. I fear nothing. I am free.exp(What it says)Naomi08 Mar08/03/2022 21:01:41
I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go byexpI hate deadlinesMark28 Feb28/02/2022 15:50:47
I only dropped them onceexpI only destroyed { the item in question } onceUncle Tony27 Jul ’2127/07/2021 21:45:22
I remember being in ScotlandsongA callback to the song fragment: I remember being in Scotland Shooting peas up a nanny goat’s bottom …to the tune of Men of HarlechGranny D25 May ’2125/05/2021 15:50:3905 Mar05/03/2022 22:02:42
I see said the blind man as he walked into a lampostexpSceptical response to the assertion “I see”Iliff family05 Feb05/02/2022 15:23:52
I takin’ my sack and my bootsexpI've had enough of thisCarmen26 Feb ’2126/02/2021 21:39:07
I wanna beetrootexcI really like the look of those toffee applesJohn T07 Mar ’2107/03/2021 21:14:05
I want gets nothingexpDon’t ask for thingsIliff family11 Aug ’2111/08/2021 00:15:48
I want to watch me daddy peeexp(What it says)Iliff family15 Mar ’2115/03/2021 21:35:1615 Mar ’2115/03/2021 21:36:47
I was a fool to think the old Percy was deadexpI find myself amorously inclinedG06 Sep ’2106/09/2021 01:22:0710 Sep ’2110/09/2021 12:27:34
I would as lief ’erd ‘ensexpI don’t want to do itKing family04 Mar04/03/2022 00:53:39
idées au dessus de son gareexpIdeas above his station, a classic put-down of those trying to advance themselves by those who consider themselves superiorAunt D04 Feb04/02/2022 13:55:1404 Feb04/02/2022 14:02:54
if he fell into basin full of boobs he’d come out sucking his thumbexpHe is serially unluckyM & N28 Feb28/02/2022 15:38:4028 Feb28/02/2022 21:44:07
if UCP on tripe don’t eat itexpIf you see pee on tripe don’t eat itUncle Tony12 Feb12/02/2022 11:22:56
if you get there first, draw a chalk line; if I get there first, I’ll rub it outexp(Laudable nonsense)Uncle Tony11 Mar ’2111/03/2021 15:56:0511 Mar ’2111/03/2021 16:19:19
if you’re up that way with your teethexpIf you will be going anywayJoy09 Mar ’2109/03/2021 16:33:5712 Mar ’2112/03/2021 16:16:05
Iliff PointnThe remotest part of a beach, where we would go to be away from everyone else (even though it meant lugging everything miles from the car)Iliff family03 Mar ’2103/03/2021 13:20:1811 Mar ’2111/03/2021 16:11:43
Iliff WightnIsle of Wight, a county of EnglandG03 Mar ’2103/03/2021 13:16:2721 Jan21/01/2022 11:08:43
in the nothingsadjNakedKing family19 Mar19/03/2022 15:48:0430 Mar30/03/2022 01:01:01
insultvConsultKing family07 Nov ’2107/11/2021 23:28:32
it has a better chance nowexpThe mistake that prevented a thing from working has now been rectifiedMark05 Dec ’2105/12/2021 15:48:17
it was in the last place I lookedexpI’ve found itM & N29 Jan29/01/2022 00:42:49
it’s been a bad year for Scottish hill farmersexp(Intended as a conversation stopper)M & N29 Jan29/01/2022 14:51:1229 Jan29/01/2022 14:51:51
it’s no skin off my teethexpI am not affected by thisM & N04 Sep ’2104/09/2021 12:55:58
it’s only a trifle said the monkeyexpCallback to: ”It’s only a trifle!” said the monkey as it peed onto the sponge fingers …an expression of disdain for the gallimaufric pudding known as a trifleDad26 Dec ’2126/12/2021 21:19:13
it’s only me Naymee!expI am exercising my self-conferred right to enter your house without an invitationNaomi27 Feb ’2127/02/2021 16:12:24
it’s the waterexpExpression of disdain for mass-market American beersPa25 May ’2125/05/2021 15:36:31
it’s worse than the ticktollerooexpA little less fidgeting pleaseGranny D07 Apr ’2107/04/2021 21:38:2307 Mar07/03/2022 00:27:45
I’ll have the other half nowexpPerhaps I could be persuaded to a little more beerDad19 Mar ’2119/03/2021 15:59:2308 Jan08/01/2022 14:48:02
I’ll raise a bunion on his Spanish onionsongI shall have my revenge, in a sort of easy-going wayGranny D27 Jan27/01/2022 23:56:3205 Mar05/03/2022 22:04:01
I’m as old as my tongue and a little bit older than my teethexpAnswer to the question “How old are you?”Granny D29 Jan29/01/2022 14:38:47
I’m taking it backexpGranny’s almost invariable declaration on arriving home with a purchaseGranny D19 Mar19/03/2022 15:22:49
I’ve got my big eating hat on!expSettle down, stop this noise/disagreement/kerfuffleUncle Percy13 Mar ’2113/03/2021 22:48:27
jagularnJaguar – can apply both to panthera onca and to the car brandRiverbankers19 Mar19/03/2022 16:01:28
jam sandwichnPolice carM & N13 Apr ’2113/04/2021 13:12:23
Jo-Jo le PlongeurnThe children’s bath toy Diver DanRiverbankers03 Mar03/03/2022 14:05:42
jockvMiss, skip, cut or otherwise fail to attendMark11 Feb11/02/2022 12:00:24
Joe BlakenSnakeClayhoffs (aka Westerdons)04 Mar04/03/2022 15:56:47
kabissnCabbageClare09 Mar09/03/2022 22:37:50
katsiknA dish Clare invented consisting largely of baked tomato with feta cubesClayhoffs (aka Westerdons)27 Feb27/02/2022 14:18:5727 Feb27/02/2022 14:24:02
kiss me WHAT‽expG’s reaction on being told we were off to the West End to see the musical Kiss Me KateG19 Mar19/03/2022 16:06:56
knock it on the headexpA suggestion by Dad’s consultant for dealing with a UTIDad16 Mar ’2116/03/2021 14:16:1616 Mar ’2116/03/2021 14:16:34
ky-oo Daddy!excOn second thoughts, Father, I should like to take up your offer to carry meJM03 Mar ’2103/03/2021 13:52:37
ladies of negotiable affectionnFemale sex workersRiverbankers07 Feb07/02/2022 14:52:0207 Feb07/02/2022 14:55:30
lah-pomnLavatoryDad09 Mar ’2109/03/2021 00:07:15
law of diminishing astonishmentnThe process by which we become less and less impressed by ever greater advances, especially in technologyMark05 Dec ’2105/12/2021 15:37:06
laxadaisicaladjLike lackadaisical, but laxerNaomi28 Jul ’2128/07/2021 18:45:1028 Jul ’2128/07/2021 18:45:38
le chien retourne a son propre vomissementexpThe dog returns to its own vomitNaomi19 Jul ’2119/07/2021 23:52:4729 Jul ’2129/07/2021 12:43:10
le grand fromage lui-mêmeexpThe big cheese himselfM & N19 Jul ’2119/07/2021 23:57:1019 Jul ’2119/07/2021 23:58:44
leaf blowernA well-to-do man who is dissolute or promiscuousM & N12 Feb12/02/2022 21:23:10
let my son have the ball!excVeiled threat to embarrass an offspring by intervening on their behalf in something they ought to have under controlGranny D22 Mar ’2122/03/2021 23:32:4023 Mar ’2123/03/2021 22:44:54
Lethal FestivalnThe Leith Hill Musical FestivalMark27 May ’2127/05/2021 21:18:12
let’s put the roof on firstexpLet’s do a thing that due reflection would reveal to be impossibleIliff family06 Sep ’2106/09/2021 00:57:20
lie like a flatfishvTell extreme liesMark02 Mar ’2102/03/2021 00:29:1412 Jan12/01/2022 14:43:29
light a candle to Saint AnthonyexpA thing to do when searching for a lost itemPa18 Mar18/03/2022 00:26:37
limerishnLimerick that doesn’t quite follow the rules of that verse formMark11 Aug ’2111/08/2021 00:03:52
listen to the silence!excIsn’t it quiet?Granny D19 Mar ’2119/03/2021 15:24:03
little birdie flying highsongA callback to this ditty: Little birdie flying high Drops a present from the sky Angry farmer wipes his eye Thanking god that cows don’t flyUncle Tony12 May ’2112/05/2021 21:56:3005 Mar05/03/2022 22:05:07
little teapots have big spoutsexpLet us continue this discussion later, when the children aren’t listeningMum26 Feb ’2126/02/2021 21:36:35
lobster popnLobster potKing family17 Sep ’2117/09/2021 21:44:49
loggy sticksnLogisticsRiverbankers17 Mar ’2117/03/2021 13:10:30
long may your big jib drawexpWishing you a happy and successful lifeIliff family19 Mar19/03/2022 15:19:1320 Mar20/03/2022 01:31:14
longhettinSpaghetti (see Notes)Iliff family08 Mar ’2108/03/2021 15:54:4111 Feb11/02/2022 00:48:36
longwe liklikexpI have no idea how far awayClare28 Feb28/02/2022 16:23:24
looks like you’ve been working on it for eight hoursexcForthright critique of a hair-do that’s closer to a hair-don’tNathan29 Dec ’2129/12/2021 21:19:09
lumpsnMumpsIliff family21 Mar ’2121/03/2021 22:34:52
lumpy ming fruitnBeetrootFelix08 Mar ’2108/03/2021 19:05:2208 Mar ’2108/03/2021 19:06:06
madman in the atticexpNegotiating technique along the lines of “I’d love to do that but the boss won’t let me”Mark03 Mar03/03/2022 14:25:5103 Mar03/03/2022 16:10:14
maflingonFlamingoRiverbankers05 Feb05/02/2022 21:40:3005 Feb05/02/2022 21:42:18
Maggie Murphy’s please park prettilyexpYou can park better than thatUncle Tony07 Feb07/02/2022 14:40:07
make friends in cookhouseexpTreat support workers with respectPa23 Apr ’2123/04/2021 23:09:44
makes your eyebrows sweatexpAn unexpected consequence of eating blackcurrantsG05 Mar ’2105/03/2021 14:08:5506 Mar ’2106/03/2021 12:53:43
Marcus AureliusnDad’s pet name for MarkDad05 Dec ’2105/12/2021 18:18:08
mexicakesnMexican pancakes when made at home from tortillas, mince, vegetables etc.Riverbankers11 Aug ’2111/08/2021 00:20:3728 Jan28/01/2022 01:22:04
Milly-Molly-Mandy housenA stereotypical house, absolutely symmetrical with one window each side of the porch, three matching windows on the first floor (2ⁿᵈ if you’re American) & the pitch of the roof matching the pitch of the porchMum27 Jun ’2127/06/2021 16:07:43
mingonFlamingoJoy13 May13/05/2022 01:08:56
Ministry of Tidy Folkn[1]. When composers in the classical tradition adopt folk music fatally by stabbing it through the soul with a baton. [2]. People who believe that the version of a folk tune they know is the one true and only versionMark05 Dec ’2105/12/2021 16:03:1022 Jan22/01/2022 21:11:30
Ministry of Tidy RuinsnGeneric term for English Heritage, Historic Scotland and similar organisations dedicated to setting the ragged remains of long-gone buildings in neatly trimmed grassNaomi04 Sep ’2104/09/2021 12:45:4905 Dec ’2105/12/2021 16:03:53
misery bitenComfort food when unwellFelix18 Apr18/04/2022 00:24:42
misery chestnFirst aid kit taken on holidays, or medicine cupboard at homeMum26 May ’2126/05/2021 14:23:5527 May ’2127/05/2021 00:12:30
mismanglementnMismanagement, only more soMark14 Mar ’2114/03/2021 11:34:30
Miss/Master Flum BumnHandy moniker for anyone whose name you can’t, at that moment, rememberAunt D06 Mar06/03/2022 23:51:37
mloddyadjMouldyRiverbankers11 Feb11/02/2022 11:56:50
more of a meal than a drinkexpTea served from a pot without a strainerPaul H27 Jun ’2127/06/2021 16:16:28
MosesnThe most elastic man in the christian biblePa18 Apr18/04/2022 00:16:47
most highly flavoured gravysongMischievous variation on Most highly favoured lady, a line from the carol The Angel GabrielMark11 Feb11/02/2022 11:46:5005 Mar05/03/2022 22:06:23
Mount AraratnMount Alvernia hospital, Guildford, which is a long climb from the Epsom roadGranny D27 May ’2127/05/2021 21:15:27
move your lips!excYour diction is unsatisfactoryMum12 Mar ’2112/03/2021 14:47:14
Mr Brown upstairs smokingnThe wholly fictitious person a young lad claimed would pay his bus fare, buying him time to scarper when the conductor went upstairsPop06 Jul ’2106/07/2021 15:13:30
Mr BumpexpAn iterative navigation technique that eschews maps, plans and electronic devices and instead proceeds in the hope that each failed attempt will at least bring the traveller a little nearer to the destination. Characterised by scenic routes & late arrivalsPa01 Mar01/03/2022 16:30:3001 Mar01/03/2022 19:52:00
muchos cocineros!excMy goodness, what a lot of people there are in the kitchen!Carmen04 Sep ’2104/09/2021 12:50:5804 Sep ’2104/09/2021 13:15:00
MuggerborskinThe composer MussorgskyDad03 Mar ’2103/03/2021 21:29:0303 Mar ’2103/03/2021 21:29:16
muranoadjMerinoM & N25 Mar ’2125/03/2021 17:06:11
my aunt, having made a telephone call, is feeling very much betterexpMischievous mistranslation of the French expression Tant pis, tant mieuxMum27 Jan27/01/2022 23:50:0928 Jan28/01/2022 00:10:58
my back, my belly and my two sidesexpResponse to person complaining they feel unwellJM12 May ’2112/05/2021 22:24:18
my wife’s wedding anniversaryexpHallmark of an unromantic husbandMark06 Sep ’2106/09/2021 01:06:59
my word, HettyexpA callback to the song fragment: My word, Hetty If I catch you on the jetty I’ll saw your leg off And stick it on with jam In Amsterdam …to a tune that the compilers have yet to identifyGranny D25 May ’2125/05/2021 15:54:1125 May ’2125/05/2021 16:06:43
myzledvMisledM & N19 Aug ’2119/08/2021 12:50:54
nanny nagfacenOne prone to give far more criticism or other feedback than the situation warrantsNaomi11 Feb11/02/2022 11:54:3911 Feb11/02/2022 12:54:07
nice parking job, big guy!excI am deeply unimpressed with your attempt at parkingM & N17 Sep ’2117/09/2021 21:52:09
niggsnEggsNaomi30 Mar ’2130/03/2021 00:01:43
nipple cakenCherry bakewellM & N19 Mar ’2119/03/2021 15:13:13
no bones in it!expEasy, little one, there’s nothing hard to swallow in my milkMum27 Apr ’2127/04/2021 13:47:44
no fun allowedexpYou have tried to do something nice for yourself and the world will not permit itHealiff clan12 Mar ’2112/03/2021 15:04:4412 Mar ’2112/03/2021 16:15:51
no use to man or dogexpNo use to man or beastMark14 Mar ’2114/03/2021 15:53:08
no, it’s just the way I’m breathingexpTime-honoured answer to the question “Are you coming?”M & N16 Mar ’2116/03/2021 22:15:47
North Pole, duty penguinexpMischievous or stroppy phrase for answering a ringing phoneMark21 Nov ’2121/11/2021 14:09:4719 Dec ’2119/12/2021 14:48:10
nose pienThe yield from a nose-picking forayGranny D07 Nov ’2107/11/2021 23:33:08
not much of anything, but well and truly elegantexpA more sophisticated and less substantial repast than usually appeared on the King family tableGranny C04 Mar04/03/2022 00:35:00
NotlobnBoltonM & N04 Mar ’2104/03/2021 12:44:0803 Jan03/01/2022 15:27:03
now mighty Caesar turned to clay might stop a wall to keep the wind awayexpWe are all humbled in deathMark29 Jan29/01/2022 14:44:36
now the weather turns quite dirty and the clock it strikes five-thirtyexpThe weather is taking a turn for the worseM & N07 Feb07/02/2022 23:04:47
noxious weednNon-native species of plantClare11 Mar ’2111/03/2021 21:03:1430 Mar30/03/2022 00:59:18
NQOTDexpNot quite our type, darlingJM26 Feb ’2126/02/2021 19:48:1702 Mar ’2102/03/2021 00:49:23
nucking futternOne whose behaviour defies reasonMark05 Mar05/03/2022 15:58:23
oatygoatsnGoatsClare07 Apr ’2107/04/2021 21:39:3119 Mar19/03/2022 22:33:59
obsqueciousadjObsequiousKing family17 Sep ’2117/09/2021 22:10:16
obstacularadjBeing an obstacleGareth12 Mar ’2112/03/2021 14:57:4212 Mar ’2112/03/2021 16:15:10
oddfather / oddmothernA role akin to godfather / godmother suitable for an atheistJoy07 Feb07/02/2022 23:08:43
oh bother!excThings are not going wellDad17 Mar ’2117/03/2021 13:15:5326 Jan26/01/2022 11:19:25
oh dear… how sad… never mindexpI acknowledge your unhappiness, but consider it overstatedM & N14 Jan14/01/2022 12:44:45
old bagaloonnHumourless older womanNaomi06 Mar ’2106/03/2021 13:40:02
old folk jokenA joke that is so old it tickles no-one, but must be trotted out when a suitable setup is given by anotherPa11 Aug ’2111/08/2021 00:18:3619 Mar19/03/2022 23:15:17
omzetbelastingexcImprecation that sounds ruder than it isDad27 Jul ’2127/07/2021 21:17:29
on the way to Meeting, I saw a butterfly and it reminded me of GodexpMinistry at a Quaker Meeting at Sidcot School, executed for a betClare01 Mar01/03/2022 15:48:29
One I love, Two I love, Three I love, I saysongCallback to: One I love Two I love Three I love, I say. Four I love with all my heart Five I cast away. Six he loves Seven she loves Eight they both love. Nine he comes, Ten he tarries, Eleven they court, Twelve they marry. Thirteen they quarrel Fourteen they part Fifteen one dies of a broken heartGranny C04 Mar04/03/2022 00:28:1105 Mar05/03/2022 22:08:40
one more shirt will do meexpDon’t wash or iron me any more shirts as I’m going to drop dead any moment nowBel12 May ’2112/05/2021 22:28:35
one up, one down, one polisherexpBritish Army heuristic for lavatory paper usageMark29 Jan29/01/2022 14:37:28
ontray!excSpecial version of “come in” for room service when in France… because the food comes on a trayG07 Apr ’2107/04/2021 22:15:4310 Apr ’2110/04/2021 13:30:07
oomagoolienUmami, the one of the five basic tastes that didn’t have an English word (so we took the Japanese one)Naomi21 Nov ’2121/11/2021 01:15:1011 Feb11/02/2022 01:10:56
opnAny edible liquid/paste/stewHealiff clan09 Mar ’2109/03/2021 16:37:4911 Mar ’2111/03/2021 13:45:06
operatornOne practised at getting her/his/their own wayJohn T18 Mar18/03/2022 00:32:3518 Mar18/03/2022 00:33:10
orpathedicadjOrthopaedicJM29 Jul ’2129/07/2021 12:07:0519 Dec ’2119/12/2021 14:42:33
oshnGeneric term for sauces, soufflés, jellies, dips, pastes, pickles and other comestibles of a similar consistencyKing family04 Mar ’2104/03/2021 12:59:4109 Mar ’2109/03/2021 16:38:44
our friend who travels on his bellynSnakePa04 Mar04/03/2022 15:59:38
oursadjOurJoy13 May13/05/2022 01:10:32
ouzonOzoneRiverbankers07 Nov ’2107/11/2021 23:26:4419 Dec ’2119/12/2021 14:25:46
OyénEvelyn’s name for herself when she was known as Joyce (which was up to her late teens)Evelyn09 Mar09/03/2022 15:39:41
p-o-tat-oessongCallback to a song: p-o-tat-oes O OOOO O OODad19 Mar19/03/2022 14:28:2819 Mar19/03/2022 14:29:13
PACn1) Pissing awful coffee. 2) Pa’s awful coffee …depending on the audienceKing family13 Apr ’2113/04/2021 13:18:36
Page NinenThe Italian violinist & composer Niccolò PaganiniKing family14 Jan14/01/2022 12:32:32
pang!excLike bang, but clangierClare03 Mar ’2103/03/2021 14:59:1904 Mar ’2104/03/2021 00:05:31
par carknCar parkIliff family18 Apr18/04/2022 00:31:06
park-anywheresnVehicle hazard warning lights (aka four-way flashers)Aoife04 Mar ’2104/03/2021 12:25:1404 Mar ’2104/03/2021 12:57:41
parroty errorexpWhen your parrot says “pieces of seven”M & N01 Mar01/03/2022 15:04:1302 Mar02/03/2022 22:21:37
pauceyadjLimp, pale or unprepossessingGranny D21 Mar ’2121/03/2021 22:29:05
peelywallyadjUnwell, washed out, under the weather, pale & uninterestingGranny D09 Mar ’2109/03/2021 21:13:3319 May ’2119/05/2021 14:26:49
peelywally baggienPart-baked baguetteMark09 Mar ’2109/03/2021 21:15:4916 Feb16/02/2022 16:20:17
peepy-eyedadjFrowzy, especially if eyes swollen from lack of (or too much) sleepClayhoffs (aka Westerdons)27 Feb27/02/2022 14:53:5628 Feb28/02/2022 14:51:43
perslongingsnPossessionsMark10 Mar10/03/2022 18:08:4010 Mar10/03/2022 18:30:36
PhD pointnA subtlety in a creative work so obscure that it will pass unnoticed, unless it becomes the subject of a PhD one dayMark13 Mar ’2113/03/2021 22:23:0321 Mar ’2121/03/2021 22:53:49
pick a note or go homeexcI am pained by your excessive use of vibrato and/or coloraturaMark07 Feb07/02/2022 22:59:39
pick up fagendsvPay attention to snippets of others’ conversation, particularly without the full context, often with a view to joining inMark07 Nov ’2107/11/2021 23:19:5530 Mar30/03/2022 01:05:43
pictureskewadjPicturesqueIliff family10 Mar10/03/2022 18:26:48
piece of cheliefnChief of policeMark28 Feb28/02/2022 15:41:51
pince mienMince pie, the Christmas comestibleRiverbankers18 Mar18/03/2022 00:44:54
pingamsnBelly buttonKing family03 Mar ’2103/03/2021 23:53:57
pingholenMicrowave ovenMark08 Mar ’2108/03/2021 16:08:4908 Mar ’2108/03/2021 16:09:21
playbacknThe luggage area of an estate carMum08 Mar ’2108/03/2021 16:11:4128 Jan28/01/2022 16:55:22
plugvConceal item in the rectumNaomi05 Feb05/02/2022 21:34:59
POETS daynPiss off early, tomorrow’s Saturday (or, for sensitive ears, Push off…)Mark27 May ’2127/05/2021 00:16:34
pofflenPop filter for a microphoneMark24 Mar ’2124/03/2021 15:40:49
pointèd sticknPointed stickM & N12 Mar ’2112/03/2021 18:16:01
poo ticketsnToilet roll, lavatory paper, bogroll, torchecul, bum fodder… call it what you willClayhoffs (aka Westerdons)28 Feb28/02/2022 16:06:15
pornographnImaginary appliance for displaying pornographyPa05 Mar ’2105/03/2021 13:44:00
potato socknSock with several holesNaomi04 Mar ’2104/03/2021 13:18:57
poverty modelnBottom-of-the-range option, especally where the cost savings are conspicuousUncle Tommy03 Mar ’2103/03/2021 15:03:58
practise beforehand which ruins the funsongTake preparation seriously. Callback to Flanders & Swann’s A song of patriotic prejudice: And all the world over each nation’s the same They’ve simply no notion of playing the game They argue with umpires, they cheer when they’ve won And they practise beforehand which ruins the funM & N27 Jun ’2127/06/2021 16:21:2305 Mar05/03/2022 22:09:58
prat flapsnA particular type of men’s open leather sandal, especially if large, droopy and worn with socksRiverbankers18 Apr18/04/2022 00:35:37
prickly pignEchidna, the spine-covered egg-laying mammal sometimes misleadingly known as spiny anteaterWin05 Mar05/03/2022 22:26:5106 Mar06/03/2022 11:11:42
priest carnMorris MinorMark05 Dec ’2105/12/2021 15:40:20
priestagenPrestigeGranny D24 Mar ’2124/03/2021 15:42:42
propellepernPropellerFelix08 Jan08/01/2022 00:40:4710 Jan10/01/2022 11:31:51
puffin breaknWhen climbing, a puffing break with a pretextNaomi04 Mar ’2104/03/2021 13:03:59
pugsaw jizzlenJigsaw puzzleMark13 Mar ’2113/03/2021 22:44:30
pumpnNonsenseMark24 Mar ’2124/03/2021 15:44:5124 Dec ’2124/12/2021 14:37:56
pumpkin timenBed timeNaomi21 Nov ’2121/11/2021 01:09:2718 Mar18/03/2022 00:50:33
punctuality is a politeness of kingsexpDon’t be lateMark11 Aug ’2111/08/2021 00:08:03
pune or play on wordsnPun or wordplayRiverbankers21 Mar ’2121/03/2021 22:33:03
purple-headedsnMountainsG02 Mar ’2102/03/2021 00:24:0604 Mar ’2104/03/2021 00:06:25
p’daahlonPedaloMum24 Mar ’2124/03/2021 15:39:14
rabbit of negative euphorianOne who is unhappyRiverbankers17 Mar ’2117/03/2021 13:18:4821 Mar21/03/2022 00:06:49
ready-readyadjReady, this moment, to do the next thing (as opposed to starting to think about bringing the previous activity to a close… at some point… probably, which is some people’s idea of “ready”)G09 Aug ’2109/08/2021 15:38:3609 Aug ’2109/08/2021 15:43:02
rectal flossnThe type of swimming attire that disappears up the wearer’s bum crack (intentionally)Mark23 Apr ’2123/04/2021 23:11:31
rent to the idealexpThe cost of trustNaomi04 Feb04/02/2022 15:17:1104 Feb04/02/2022 15:18:24
respectawiggleadjRespectableNaomi17 Mar ’2117/03/2021 13:03:28
richtigetonneohnenach­barnprüfenstolznThe pride felt at putting out the right bin without first checking what the neighbours have doneMark14 Apr14/04/2022 01:38:4814 Apr14/04/2022 10:36:01
roastby spudsnRoast potatoesIliff family08 Jan08/01/2022 00:32:2908 Jan08/01/2022 01:25:42
rough as a badgeradjRough (in the sense of not smooth, but not in the sense of approximate)Mark17 Sep ’2117/09/2021 21:47:02
RTFMexpRead the manual (instead of bothering me)M & N02 Mar02/03/2022 23:06:24
rumble-tumblenAnglo-Indian dish comprising scrambled eggs, onions and whatever stuff needs eating upPa05 Mar05/03/2022 22:24:0405 Mar05/03/2022 22:54:14
saganaki!excGoodness me, what low-hanging testicles that chap has been blessed with!M & N04 Mar ’2104/03/2021 13:15:2725 Feb25/02/2022 16:40:09
said Aunt Helgaexpresponse to anyone saying “tis” (or “it is” without sufficient care)Gareth12 Mar ’2112/03/2021 15:28:5612 Mar ’2112/03/2021 16:14:54
Saint SeannThe French composer Camille Saint-SaënsMark14 Jan14/01/2022 12:30:16
salad pienQuicheMark13 Apr ’2113/04/2021 13:06:02
samting, natingexpNot worth worrying about (or remembering or noticing)Clare28 Feb28/02/2022 16:20:3728 Feb28/02/2022 16:21:10
sat in a tyreexpReference to the phrase Dressed in silk and satin attireKing family19 Jan19/01/2022 23:45:11
sausingenSausageNaomi13 Mar ’2113/03/2021 16:28:41
sealionadjSenileKing family06 Sep ’2106/09/2021 00:53:30
second coffeenWeak brew made by re-steeping grounds that have already been used to make the nice coffeeClare28 Jan28/01/2022 01:11:1329 Jan29/01/2022 00:28:16
senseless mannCensus manNaomi05 Mar ’2105/03/2021 13:39:3205 Mar ’2105/03/2021 14:40:03
shabby and miscellaneousadjDisappointingRiverbankers02 Mar ’2102/03/2021 13:21:45
shenziadjBelow standard, no goodClare02 Mar02/03/2022 23:15:50
shith-oozenSeat of ease, convenience, lavatoryM & N13 May13/05/2022 01:14:20
shivery bitenBiscuit or sweet issued after a swimMum03 Mar ’2103/03/2021 13:50:1828 Mar ’2128/03/2021 13:05:29
short arms, deep pocketsadjMean, stingyMark08 Mar ’2108/03/2021 16:04:48
shot a bunnyvPassed windJM29 Mar ’2129/03/2021 23:58:54
shrapnelnSmall change, especially foreign coins that would be worthless on returning homeJoy28 Feb28/02/2022 15:35:13
shrimp-wrappedadjShrink-wrappedMark25 May ’2125/05/2021 15:40:39
shut up and give your arse a chanceexpYou appear to be talking nonsenseM & N17 Mar ’2117/03/2021 21:07:15
sickly cakenIndividual cake of the indulgent type served for afternoon tea at the right sort of hotelGranny D11 Mar ’2111/03/2021 16:21:4321 Dec ’2121/12/2021 11:45:23
Silliam WilliamnIntentionally pompous version of the mild put-down Silly BillyMark06 Jul ’2106/07/2021 15:09:20
Sister / BrotherexpUseful device for addressing someone when you’ve forgotten their namePa08 Mar08/03/2022 20:37:07
slap it in the middle and we’ll all get a bitexpI propose (or threaten) to serve this jelly, rice pudding, trifle or other osh by striking it in the middle with a ladleGranny D19 Mar ’2119/03/2021 15:30:12
slimy ming fruitnAvocadoFelix28 Feb ’2128/02/2021 14:38:2508 Mar ’2108/03/2021 19:05:44
sloppiesnLoose-fitting clothing worn inside the home. Daylight PJsRiverbankers10 Feb10/02/2022 15:13:11
smells like coffee, looks like cocoanWW1 army teaPop14 Mar ’2114/03/2021 13:42:0714 Mar ’2114/03/2021 13:46:13
SnablatsnSt AlbansMark04 Mar ’2104/03/2021 12:49:3103 Jan03/01/2022 15:26:40
snigglevLike snigger, but with less implied criticismAl05 Jul ’2105/07/2021 12:44:4705 Jul ’2105/07/2021 15:34:26
snorkernSausageMark23 Nov ’2123/11/2021 23:00:17
snortelly snipsnSleep, especially in anticipationNaomi17 Mar ’2117/03/2021 21:13:0119 Mar ’2119/03/2021 11:12:58
snot harpoonnNasal swabMark07 Nov ’2107/11/2021 23:35:47
snotty gobbles (or snot block)nVanilla slicesClayhoffs (aka Westerdons)04 Mar04/03/2022 15:43:15
so you do thatexpResponse to an inaudible PA announcementIliff family08 Mar ’2108/03/2021 14:34:13
sofadjLike soft, but softerJoy02 Mar ’2102/03/2021 00:35:02
some people really work at being miserableexpGosh, s/he doesn’t look for the silver lining!M & N06 Jul ’2106/07/2021 14:53:3806 Jul ’2106/07/2021 14:54:57
sookyadjTimid and/or apt to complain and/or resistant to funClare17 Mar ’2117/03/2021 13:23:46
sound as a poundadjHighly reliable. Also: In very good healthRiverbankers05 Feb05/02/2022 15:59:33
soya sturvyaexpI am sorry to disturb youRiverbankers03 Apr ’2103/04/2021 13:16:28
spacemen drop-offnSpecimen drop-offFelix27 Mar ’2127/03/2021 15:22:0009 Jul ’2109/07/2021 11:31:47
sparkling plugsnSpark plugsIliff family27 Apr ’2127/04/2021 13:43:00
sparrow pissnA rain shower so nugatory that it doesn’t even wet the grassWin18 Mar18/03/2022 00:56:12
sparrowfartnVery early in the morningGranny D21 Nov ’2121/11/2021 01:30:3818 Mar18/03/2022 00:56:45
spider werbnSpider’s webJoy27 Jun ’2127/06/2021 15:49:31
SpindleshanksnDad’s pet name for Jane-Marie, and later for BelDad28 Jan28/01/2022 01:02:01
splash and dashnQuick foray to the grocery shopRiverbankers01 Jan01/01/2022 14:52:24
splash me boots!expExcuse me while I make a visit to the gents’ lavatoryMark12 Mar ’2112/03/2021 21:17:2713 Mar ’2113/03/2021 22:39:03
sposenSpouseMark28 Feb28/02/2022 15:32:29
square eyesnOne who watches a lot of TVIliff family02 Feb02/02/2022 00:42:48
squashed fly biscuitsnGaribaldi biscuits, the ones with currants squashed between two thin rectangles of biscuitKing family06 Mar06/03/2022 23:49:05
squeamfuladjLike squeamish, but less indefiniteMark17 Mar ’2117/03/2021 13:08:30
St ReathamnGentrified pronunciation of the London district StreathamBrian25 May ’2125/05/2021 15:25:30
stabbingnBlood test. Can also refer to an injectionMark23 Mar ’2123/03/2021 23:03:3221 Nov ’2121/11/2021 11:55:21
StinkynigernRhosneigr, the seaside village in AngleseyDixon family12 May ’2112/05/2021 22:13:5012 May ’2112/05/2021 22:20:05
Stirling Moss, chica/chico!excGoodness me, you seem to be driving exuberantly todayCarmen02 Mar ’2102/03/2021 12:56:3502 Mar ’2102/03/2021 16:20:15
straight-straight-straightexpStraight onM & N11 Aug ’2111/08/2021 00:23:45
stuck in me clackexpStuck in my throatGranny D01 Mar01/03/2022 15:21:59
stumps (or call stumps)expDeclare the end of play – call a halt to an undertaking with no defined end, or simply decide it’s bedtimeM & N13 Mar ’2113/03/2021 16:35:59
sun, sea, sand and, er…, palmsexpManual self-stimulationRiverbankers28 Jul ’2128/07/2021 18:43:39
surface filingnA system of filing that involves leaving everything on the desktop, ie no system at allMark28 Feb28/02/2022 15:46:0901 Mar01/03/2022 12:27:03
Suss-ar-ekal!excPa’s take on his father’s take on a Sikh battle cryPa09 Mar09/03/2022 22:12:35
susunBreast; breast milk.Clare01 Mar01/03/2022 20:02:5701 Mar01/03/2022 20:04:51
susu bilong bulmacownCows’ milkClare01 Mar01/03/2022 20:04:20
swooshboxnDishwasherM & N25 May ’2125/05/2021 16:09:00
tadpolesnA musical scoreMark02 Mar02/03/2022 22:58:2202 Mar02/03/2022 23:02:05
takes the skin off your teethexpAn effect of eating rhubarbBel09 Mar09/03/2022 15:15:23
talkie-walkienWalkie-talkieMark27 Apr ’2127/04/2021 13:39:44
tarramadiddlenLike taradiddle, but taradiddlierNaomi06 Jul ’2106/07/2021 14:56:37
tasselnPenisMark19 Mar ’2119/03/2021 15:15:1121 Nov ’2121/11/2021 11:56:56
teaching wolves to chase sledgesexpMisguided negotiation technique of making a concession without requiring the other party to do the sameMark03 Mar03/03/2022 16:21:1004 Mar04/03/2022 00:14:34
Teetee de BoofnTête de Bœuf restaurant in Wootton Wawen, WarwickshireM & N05 Mar05/03/2022 15:53:2705 Mar05/03/2022 15:56:26
tell it not in GathexpBetween you and me…Mark06 Mar06/03/2022 23:18:39
tentaclesnTesticlesMum28 Jan28/01/2022 01:06:00
TeshconTesco, the supermarket chainPa27 Jun ’2127/06/2021 16:11:18
testiculae loquansadjTalking bollocksMark05 Dec ’2105/12/2021 15:43:2807 Dec ’2107/12/2021 12:04:19
testiculatevEmploy expansive gestures whilst talking bollocksM & N11 Aug ’2111/08/2021 00:39:0211 Aug ’2111/08/2021 12:23:39
thalassa! thalassa!excAfter many hours’ travel towards the seaside, there at last is the actual sea! (thalassa = θαλασσα = sea)Naomi19 Mar ’2119/03/2021 15:50:3919 Mar ’2119/03/2021 15:54:33
thank you Mrs Lowsborough GoosboroughsongThanks for nothingGranny D02 Mar ’2102/03/2021 00:26:2705 Mar05/03/2022 22:14:02
that man did smack me with a needle!excToddler Mark’s blubbing reaction to an inoculation which he had not expectedMark16 Apr ’2116/04/2021 14:35:07
that’s an acquired taste: you either like it or you don’texpI don’t like itClare08 Mar08/03/2022 21:22:2409 Mar09/03/2022 14:53:32
that’s small onionsexpThat is the end. We have done all that we are here to doJoy11 Feb11/02/2022 11:36:49
that’s the badger!excAh, *that* is the object/technique/problem/solution we were looking forMark26 May ’2126/05/2021 12:20:3326 May ’2126/05/2021 12:27:52
the artist is making a jokeexpIts creator intended this to be funny or cleverRiverbankers18 Apr18/04/2022 00:48:35
the camels are coming hurrah, hurrah!songPa’s jingle, delivered in an Anglo-Indian lilt, to go with jiggling a small child on his kneeClare05 Mar05/03/2022 16:28:4705 Mar05/03/2022 21:47:03
the chopnA vasectomyNaomi10 Feb10/02/2022 15:10:3310 Feb10/02/2022 23:29:10
the customer is always the customerexpThe supplier’s job is to satisfy the wants of the customer, however unhinged they might appearMark12 Apr12/04/2022 00:18:19
the door’s not shut on my genius but…songI’ll eventually prove to be brilliantNaomi08 Mar08/03/2022 20:42:08
the full catastropheexpEverything; all of the thing we’re discussingNaomi08 Mar08/03/2022 20:54:03
the job’s a good ’unexpWe have achieved our objectiveMark12 Feb12/02/2022 21:27:37
The Whizzer There WasnThe Wizard of OzJoy18 Mar18/03/2022 00:24:05
then on Friday… no, tell a lie, it was the SaturdayexpCaricature of that particular variety of storytelling that is long on irrelevant detail and short on, well, storyM & N22 Mar ’2122/03/2021 23:38:07
there was a young man of TraleesongCallback to the Limerish: There was a young man of Tralee Got stung on the nose by a wasp When asked “Did it hurt?” He said “No not a bit Thank goodness it wasn’t a hornet”Naomi27 May ’2127/05/2021 14:55:5805 Mar05/03/2022 22:14:34
there we are then!excWhat a silly person!Bel27 Jun ’2127/06/2021 16:13:3927 Jun ’2127/06/2021 16:13:56
there’s a ghost, there’s a ghost, throw a flannel at its face!excI see you have a flannel on your face. I am about to throw another at you. The flannel already on your face will make this a shocking experienceRiverbanklings12 Mar ’2112/03/2021 15:00:3004 Mar04/03/2022 00:13:57
there’s no show without PunchexpJobs don’t get done when the person who normally does them is awayPop21 Mar ’2121/03/2021 22:36:33
they are curlews of the fenland!songCall and response upon seeing a seagull.Naomi09 Mar ’2109/03/2021 16:30:3205 Mar05/03/2022 22:15:25
they’ll never sell ice creams at that speedexpAn emergency vehicle is passing with its siren goingIliff family11 Feb11/02/2022 01:30:3019 Feb19/02/2022 21:18:42
those aren’t bananas they’re plantainsexpA baffling and unfounded denigration of bananasGranny D09 Mar09/03/2022 15:20:09
three ha’p’orth of gawd help usexpDisorganised, uncoordinated, a shamblesM & N05 Mar ’2105/03/2021 13:52:4008 Feb08/02/2022 21:27:00
three-ee blicesongThree blind mice …from the nursery rhymeThe Sisterhood26 May ’2126/05/2021 12:27:1005 Mar05/03/2022 22:16:03
thunderwobblernSpin dryer, or washing machine when spin dryingMark11 Mar ’2111/03/2021 23:39:33
tibbit!excShout to be given if first to sight a yellow hydrant during a car journeyG & A19 Mar ’2119/03/2021 22:42:25
ticky tackynShoddy building materialKing family16 May ’2116/05/2021 23:47:4825 May ’2125/05/2021 21:41:26
tight as a crab’s arse under wateradjUnduly economy-mindedMark08 Mar ’2108/03/2021 15:59:0310 Feb10/02/2022 15:04:42
time to put clothes onexpTime to get upM & N21 Mar ’2121/03/2021 22:18:34
tisswiss for MummyexpCue phrase for emptying a sleepy child during the nightEvelyn13 May13/05/2022 01:07:2213 May13/05/2022 11:46:06
toasty bombolanHeated car seatMark02 Mar ’2102/03/2021 00:43:30
tolerably early nightexpAn early night, which the children involved would likely find intolerable and the adults highly tolerableGranny D21 Mar ’2121/03/2021 16:04:33
too much adminexpMark’s objection to eating crab, artichoke, pomegranate, shrimp etcMark04 Mar04/03/2022 15:27:07
triviumnAn incidental fact of little importanceMark09 Mar09/03/2022 15:11:18
trowersnTrousersJoy11 Feb11/02/2022 01:32:05
tryponIntentional typo for typoMark05 Mar ’2105/03/2021 14:16:09
Turd & CabbagenSlug & Lettuce, the restaurant chainMark27 Jun ’2127/06/2021 15:58:21
two minutes’ silence for the joke that just diedexpThat was a terrible joke that deserved to fall as flat as it didMark04 Mar04/03/2022 15:34:3104 Mar04/03/2022 15:35:38
ump and tionsexpWhat assumptions make an ass ofMark20 Aug ’2120/08/2021 21:57:34
undercrackersnUnderpantsMark05 Feb05/02/2022 21:38:15
undercrunknStrip of pebbles just below the waterline on an otherwise sandy beachMark03 Mar ’2103/03/2021 13:46:3807 Mar ’2107/03/2021 12:05:26
uninvited guest at every conversationnTVGranny D05 Jul ’2105/07/2021 18:08:16
unleadedadjDecaffeinatedPa12 May ’2112/05/2021 21:50:33
unmatched pointernA loose end; an unresolved issueNaomi18 Mar18/03/2022 00:36:34
up to a point, Lord CopperexpNoPaul H27 Jun ’2127/06/2021 15:46:16
up your endexpPhrase used when passing vegetable dishes around a dining tableArthur family18 Apr18/04/2022 00:38:24
UselessnJames Joyce’s UlyssesRiverbankers13 May13/05/2022 00:59:0813 May13/05/2022 01:00:08
vacs up niceadjResponds well to treatment with a vacuum cleanerM & N08 Mar ’2108/03/2021 12:28:45
vauumnThe sound of a vacuum-flush lavatoryM & N04 Mar ’2104/03/2021 13:07:3105 Mar ’2105/03/2021 14:42:24
village auntynVigilanteIliff family19 Aug ’2119/08/2021 12:48:38
vladivostokexc(Exclamation for covering a belch )Granny D17 Mar ’2117/03/2021 21:11:27
vulture capitalistnVenture capitalistMark05 Dec ’2105/12/2021 15:51:48
wadundudundunSleeping policeman or speed bumpKing family21 Mar ’2121/03/2021 14:45:08
Waly DisneqnWalt DisneyMark07 Nov ’2107/11/2021 23:09:50
wankpanzernFlamboyant agricultural vehicle when used by city dwellersMark12 Apr12/04/2022 00:14:2815 Apr15/04/2022 11:17:12
warned in a dreamexpTake a different routeM & N06 Sep ’2106/09/2021 01:00:5506 Sep ’2106/09/2021 01:07:54
warning-warningexpEverything is fineM & N05 Feb05/02/2022 21:31:39
Warr-DoorrnWardour Street in London, a centre of the film industryM & N21 Nov ’2121/11/2021 01:22:56
wash horsesvWash hairNaomi02 Mar ’2102/03/2021 00:45:3024 Mar ’2124/03/2021 13:55:02
washing machinenA water’s-edge game: while able to stand, hold hands facing inwards in a ring; float & kick legs to make a splash, and if possible get some rotation going. For 4+ participantsMum28 Jul ’2128/07/2021 14:00:3328 Jul ’2128/07/2021 14:08:04
we are the cockyolly birds all red and green and goldsongFragment of a song Evelyn suddenly burst into after it sat dormant and unsung in her memory for 40 yearsEvelyn07 Mar07/03/2022 00:24:35
wee boardnThe pastry base of a tartUncle Frank03 Mar ’2103/03/2021 13:44:27
wee knightsnWeek nightsM & N02 Feb02/02/2022 00:39:5402 Feb02/02/2022 10:53:01
wellcome homeexpWelcome homeBel16 Mar ’2116/03/2021 14:23:2316 Mar ’2116/03/2021 14:29:21
we’ve squeezed the goodness out of thatexpAll the interesting or entertaining aspects of this topic have now been exhaustedM & N01 Mar01/03/2022 14:59:24
whackersnLiesKing family02 Mar ’2102/03/2021 00:01:29
whackystickynBorder morris dancing, the flavour of that noble art that involves the percussive use of stavesMark03 Mar03/03/2022 14:03:02
what a fall of royalty!excGoodness, those picture cards were badly defeated!Granny D12 Mar ’2112/03/2021 18:04:02
what mind is here o’erthrownexpThat is an uncharacteristically ill-considered remark, decision or actionPa23 Mar ’2123/03/2021 23:02:04
what will you have? said the waiterexpA callback to this ditty: “What will you have?” said the waiter, pensively picking his nose “Two boiled eggs, you scoundrel – you won’t get your fingers in those”Dad12 May ’2112/05/2021 21:54:4529 Dec ’2129/12/2021 12:24:28
when a man is tired of Bracknell…expCallback to: When a man is tired of Bracknell he has been there 20 minsRiverbankers10 Mar10/03/2022 18:25:10
when I was a little girl like you…expPa’s teasing approach to storytelling: Pa: When I was a little girl like you… Small ♀: You weren’t a little girl! Pa: Then, when I was a little boy like you… Small ♀: But I am not a little boy! ↻ repeat until one party cracksPa09 Mar09/03/2022 16:13:18
when you get to the final you winexpWhen you make it to the final of a competition you expect to winM & N18 Apr18/04/2022 00:44:45
where we have been no-one shall find, For not a trace have we left behindsongReminder to all, when leaving a spot they had spent time in, to look back to check they have taken all their stuff with them. Callback to: Where we have been no one can find, Not a trace have we left behind. Only the people we’ve helped today Know that the Brownies have passed this way.Evelyn08 Mar08/03/2022 22:59:5209 Mar09/03/2022 13:12:15
where we have been, no-one can tellexpWe have left this picnic spot, beach or other location as we found it – well done usKing family03 Mar ’2103/03/2021 13:28:5206 Mar ’2106/03/2021 14:14:02
where’s the yucky bowl?expThis meal is not entirely palatableLaurie23 Apr ’2123/04/2021 23:17:43
while you’re on your feet…expBy standing up you have made yourself liable for any tasks that I want doing (such as bringing us all a cup of tea)Mum19 Mar19/03/2022 15:33:18
white horsenA perfect guestJM21 Mar21/03/2022 00:58:39
white sealsnWhite folk swimming in the Thames, especially before the suntan seasonRiverbankers30 Mar ’2130/03/2021 15:32:16
whocaresnCounty when filling in a web formMark03 Apr ’2103/04/2021 13:36:41
who’s died?expYour flies are undoneWin30 Mar30/03/2022 00:54:24
who’s going round the roundabout?song(Rhetorical)Uncle Tony19 Mar ’2119/03/2021 15:42:1805 Mar05/03/2022 22:17:46
who’s “she” – the cat’s mother?excRefer to women by their names, not pronouns!Granny D03 Apr ’2103/04/2021 13:21:1903 Apr ’2103/04/2021 13:37:13
winnebagonA Milwaukee brand tape measureNaomi30 Mar30/03/2022 01:24:26
wishywashy placenThe under-bed compartment that serves as a laundry basket at Heron IslandRiverbanklings27 May ’2127/05/2021 14:16:2921 Nov ’2121/11/2021 13:09:57
wispnWhistJoy30 Mar ’2130/03/2021 21:14:10
wi’ oor knickers hangin’ doonexpObligatory rejoinder to “we’re off tae toon”Naomi24 Mar ’2124/03/2021 15:49:47
wobblevoicenSinging with vibrato, especially when taken to excessMark04 Sep ’2104/09/2021 13:13:3511 Feb11/02/2022 01:18:00
wobulencenMild turbulenceMark03 Mar ’2103/03/2021 13:23:14
WOMBATnWaste of money, brains and timeMark05 Mar ’2105/03/2021 14:19:0705 Mar ’2105/03/2021 14:44:08
wut‽excLike what‽, but whattierRiverbankers16 Apr ’2116/04/2021 14:39:43
yam all right our kid?expDo you fare well, sibling?Mark20 Mar ’2120/03/2021 16:04:23
yellow is mellow, but if it’s brown flush it downexpFlush poo but not peePa08 Mar ’2108/03/2021 14:11:13
Yizanastikov the RussianexpHe has a nasty coughGranny D30 Jan30/01/2022 13:16:53
you are my sunshine, my only sunshinesongThe song: You are my sunshine, my only sunshine You make me happy when skies are grey You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you! Please don’t take my sunshine away!King family04 Mar04/03/2022 16:21:2005 Mar05/03/2022 22:18:24
You are very ugly today, Pa / Ma Ubu!expA gently loving greeting to one’s spouse in the morningClare28 Feb28/02/2022 15:59:35
you can go off peopleexpA person I have hitherto admired has done or said something reprehensibleMum27 Apr ’2127/04/2021 13:36:54
you daft ha’p’orth!excThat is entertainingly sillyGranny D07 Apr ’2107/04/2021 21:50:4708 Apr ’2108/04/2021 09:34:43
you must give me the recipeexpThat meal was appallingPa20 Mar ’2120/03/2021 16:05:5821 Mar ’2121/03/2021 15:49:53
your egg’s brokenexpOne of the things I’m cooking is less perfect than the other and I’ve decided to give it to youM & N27 May ’2127/05/2021 14:48:51
your tiny hand is frozen!songYour hand (not necessarily tiny) is frozenNaomi09 Mar ’2109/03/2021 16:26:4619 Mar19/03/2022 22:38:55
yow cor wack itexpThat would be hard to beatMark18 Dec ’2118/12/2021 14:56:5431 Dec ’2131/12/2021 13:37:17
zizzer-zoof seedsnFeatures, especially in software, “which nobody wants, because nobody needs”Riverbankers03 Mar ’2103/03/2021 13:25:1212 Mar ’2112/03/2021 16:13:19
zlotniksnA wedgieMark12 Mar ’2112/03/2021 15:21:4129 Dec ’2129/12/2021 12:45:06
’twill fit!!excDespite signs to the contrary, this jigsaw piece WILL fit!Granny C08 Mar08/03/2022 22:44:53
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