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North Pole, duty penguin expression or saying

Mischievous or stroppy phrase for answering a ringing phone


From Mark’s childhood friend David H whose big bro was in the Navy and probably picked up the expression there. In dim recollection it was part of a longer tale: Rating: North Pole, duty penguin Admiral: Do you know who I am? Rating: No. Do you know who I am? Admiral: No Rating: Good! [hangs up]

Collected by

Mark – 1960s
Mark Iliff – owner


In modern times can be useful for deterring spam callers.

(Let’s leave unaddressed how penguins might come to be at the North Pole, never mind their difficulties in answering phones)

Submitted: 21/11/2021 by Mark ● Last updated: 19/12/2021 14:48 by Mark

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