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Teetee de Boof noun

Tête de Bœuf restaurant in Wootton Wawen, Warwickshire


Mark had heard great things of the Tête de Bœuf and wanted to book a table. It being the olden days, he had to phone Directory Enquiries for their number. After he’d spelt it out twice the operator replied “Sorry, bab, there’s no Teetee de Boof.” M: “Are there *any* restaurants in Wooton?” O: “Only the Bull’s Head”

Collected by

M & N – 1975/6
Mark & Naomi


For those spared French lessons at school, Tête de Bœuf is sort-of French for Bull’s Head. (Tête de Taureau would be better.)

Clearly the Tête eventually gave up the struggle: it has now reverted to the Bull’s Head.

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