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hey little horsey, don’t you stop song/verse fragment

Call back to the song:
Hey little horsey, don’t you stop,
Just let your hooves go clicketty clop.
Tail go swish, wheels go round
Giddy up we’re homeward bound.


Variation of a 1938 song by Paddy Roberts & Ralph Butler. One of Pa’s favourite ditties as a journey got underway. Also sung by Win and Clare when sitting behind one or several of their champion horses

Collected by

Pa – 1950s
Noel King – father of Naomi


The more common version is slightly different:
Horsie, horsie don’t you stop
Just let your feet go clippety clop
Your tail goes swish and the wheels go round
Giddy up we’re homeward bound.

Submitted: 08/03/2022 by Mark

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