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jagular noun

Jaguar – can apply both to panthera onca and to the car brand


Cherished malapropism from the Winnie the Pooh stories

Collected by

Riverbankers – 1990s
Mark, Naomi, Joy & Felix


Pooh nodded. “It’s a Jagular,” he said.

“What do Jagulars do?” asked Piglet, hoping that they wouldn’t.

“They hide in the branches of trees, and drop on you as you go underneath,” said Pooh. “Christopher Robin told me.”

“Perhaps we better hadn’t go underneath, Pooh. In case he dropped and hurt himself.”

“They don’t hurt themselves,” said Pooh. “They’re such very good droppers.”

—AA Milne, The House at Pooh Corner 1956

Submitted: 19/03/2022 by Mark

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