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flaming brandinis noun

Game that involves pouring flaming brandy over a bowl of raisins and eating them while they’re still burning


Coined by Bel’s friend Mike

Collected by

Bel – 2010s
Annabel Burn (Iliff) – sibling of Mark


The game itself was introduced to Iliff family, possibly in the 1970s by a Norwegian au pair. It was also known in England by the name “snapdragon” (or flap-dragon), and reportedly popular from ~16ᵗʰ century. It is mentioned in Agatha Christie’s Poirot novel Hallowe’en Party and in two Shakespeare plays.

Unaware of all this, Iliff family knew it by the prosaic name “flaming raisins in brandy”.

To try this at home: first heat the brandy, and light it as your pour it over the raisins

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