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queece noun

Breast meat (aka white meat) of a roast fowl


May I carve you some queece?


Uncertain. It was one of those words that we all thought quite normal, until using them outside the home. It would be pleasing if the word were actually cuisse, but that’s French for thigh not breast


Dad – 1950s
George Iliff – father of Mark, JM, G & Bel


Confusingly, to ornithologists queece means European ringdove (Columba palumbus) while the cool kids who bring us Urban Dictionary have this:
”A word that means anything and everything. Usually used in a derogatory manner but can be used as a compliment too”, citing the following examples of usage:
1) You can’t make it tonight? You are such a queece.
2) Bro, you have to see this movie, it is so queece.
3) Can you queece me out for a sec? I am having trouble with this.
4) I just queeced.

Submitted: 16/11/2022 by Mark ● Last updated: 16/11/2022 21:31 by Mark

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