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on pots hooray! exclamation

1. You have finally understood the thing I have been walking you to that I think is obvious.

2. We are looking at some ancient pottery including some form of decoration.

3. We are about to watch The Great Pottery Throwdown (more recent usage)


The somewhat eccentric Head of Joy and Felix’s primary school had both an idiosyncratic manner of speech and passion for the Classics. She was prompting a group (on a trip) and trying to get them to understand that drawing was not just on walls but also on pots. When the class finally got that pots was an option she skipped saying “On pots! Hooray!”.


Joy – late 1990s
Joy Healiff (Iliff) – offspring of owners


For verisimilitude should be recited twice with a high-pitched California accent.

Submitted: 12/02/2024 by Joy ● Last updated: 12/02/2024 16:06 by Mark

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